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ceasar commented about Digital cinema widebreak on Aug 28, 2007 at 2:15 pm

Since Vicksburg has lots its old cinema,one my friend expressed the fact that he would love to see a digital cinema open here. Becouse he went to the one in Birmigham and he told how fantastic the sound quality is. I believe a digital cinema would be welcomed here. All it has to take is the right cinema operator. Like the old cinema which the operators never upgraded. This included no new projectors I mean the movie projectors broke; I doubt something like this would happen with the new technologies.
Your prediction is right on the money in my opioin.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 24, 2007 at 2:22 pm

If I had the finaicial means I would. And if I did I wouldn’t put in a mall. I would follow the trends etc. On the local bullentin board people are now expressing thier minds on the issue.

ceasar commented about Digital cinema widebreak on Aug 23, 2007 at 3:03 pm

I’ve been hearing alot about this new cinema. A friend of mind told me about the one he went too in Birmigham,Ala. Terrific sound and picture he told me about.

ceasar commented about National Amusements to close two theaters in the Flint, MI area on Aug 23, 2007 at 3:01 pm

Hey do whatever you can to save those cinemas! once a cinema closes issues may arise in attracting a new one. Listen Vicksburg has gone a half year without one. And we locals are wondering where is the new one. But fight back.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 23, 2007 at 2:35 pm

That’s a real good question over the laws. Let me tell you I cought onto the trailor pattern about five years ago. I figured out it when the trailor, The Mothman Propehices was ran. I wanted to see it becouse of the subject matter. Well anyway when it didn’t open I wrote a complaint comment to Regel Entertainment about it. And gradually I discovered this pattern. U know back in'99 Regel ran the trailor for Magnolia with Tom Cruise. Now I learned that came out on limited release for example. Like New York and Los Angeles. But that same pattern of running trailors continued under Village Entertainment as well. U know before the cinema was close the crime problemitic issues con’t. CBL alone had closed over six or nine stores related to the issue.
Now I can tell you on Saturday afternoon attendance really dropped. On some films hardly anyone. Real interesting from my point of view. But I can tell Village Entertainment was real incompentent. U know what I like about the cinemas in Jackson metro area and in Peconland Mall,which has a Cinmark 10 screen by the way. There classy and modern. But the owners let the old four screen fall into disrepair. I believe another turn off to locals was the fact when u have five films on a four screen format—showtimes get screwed up. And both chanins did this.
One fact that was never done was a market study. Why? Becouse the demographics have really changed. But one my friends told me a few days about a digital cinema he went to in Birmighhanm. He told the sound and picture quality was fanstatic. He told me that’s the type cinema he would like to see here.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 22, 2007 at 2:01 pm

Theatrebuff I can tell you that feud between Village Entertainment and CBL wasn’t pleasent.I can tell you it went down with Village Entertainment. Their management I suspect chased away patrons. What got some frustrated with this market was that both Regel and Village to open this market to more movie choices.And u can find more choices in the Jackson metro market place. One question I did address to Regel who were the first owners and I’m now thier customer again was this: why didn’t you build new cinema here? Becouse the metro area has reflected the trend of cinemas out of mall. U see I figure too the limited choices chased away the teen market to Jackson and thier cinemas. But I can tell the black patrons here were abusive; what lead to close down was to black employees fighting among one another. Village also didn’t keep its word on renovations. Thanks to some on here on the board I learned that Village Entertainment wasn’t good tenant. Also Village followed the same practice in marketing films more to blacks than to whites. And the black films got held over more than several months. It also reflects poor short sightfulness on Regel and Village on the fact that this town’s demographics have changed. Very first run films didn’t run here at all. They would show trailors but they never would open. I call it deception on thier part and bad business.
Don’t worry people here are voicing more against taxes too down here why? They’ve now discovered its work against getting businesses in here.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 21, 2007 at 2:29 pm

Despite low cineam attendance I believe now the real problem with cinema operators in this market is going to be subprme mortgage issues. Why? I can tell you the commerical real estate,and housing real estate is way overpriced. Now with subprime in the marketplace; I bellieve any major cinema chain is going to be asking questions on commerical real estate. I’m not kidding here either.
What has been interesting though none of the city leaders and the greedy chamber of commerce haven’t heard any takers. They talk of investors interestied in this market like say Warren Theatres of Kansas City,Kansas. But so far no takers. I suspect cinema investors are looking long hard at the commerical real estate prices here. As this continues the more cinema goers here are going to venture the more classier cinemas in the Jackson metro area. But publicly local leaders don’t want to talk about it. Now I suspect too the cinema operators may know that money has been leaving this marketplace. A reality local leaders now have to face. CBL,which owns the Pemberton Mall,has been quiet as well. I wonder if crime issues at that mall has popped u and some have refused to do business with Renee Williams. The year is almost up since the feud between CBL and Village Entertaintment closed cinema. And I believe some cinema operators are thinking twice.
Now on the CBL front what has been interesting the mayor offer them two million to reinvent the old Pemberton Mall. And they supply the rest like ten million. But CBL hasn’t responded to the mayor’s offer at all. Another factor when a crime happened at the CBL out of Chattanooga didn’t respond to the local paper’s question.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 20, 2007 at 4:09 pm

When I read the survey results of movie attendance. I can tell you the local paper in thier editorial got it all wrong. Especially with the fact over,dvds and the internet. I’m not kidding here the Vicksburg Post missed its mark. And the surveys can back that up. I can tell you even high rent forced FYE out of the mall. And FYE had some real good dvds too.
I can tell you none of the teens don’t shop at the local Be Bop record shop.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 16, 2007 at 2:54 pm

Another thing I did a few days ago I passed on to the Google search engine that this cinema is closed too. Last year when Flags of Our Fathers,and Letters to Iwo Jima were released they didn’t open here at all. They did open in Jackson metro area. Like the Malco 17 in Madison. I can tell you in 2003 Eastwood’s Mystic River didn’t open here either.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 16, 2007 at 2:49 pm

Let me tell you Vicksburg so called mover and shakers try to come across as smart. But they’re not. They’re narrow minded. I’ve been listening the local ams show and the hosts have tried to play things up as hunky dorey. Where reality is a different story. One of the former alderwoman Gertrude Young has claimed she’s been in cotact with the cinema chains of the Viacom Corporation. But I’m skeptical about it. But one truth has emerged: money which this town worships has shifted out of here and they’re in a panic about it. The real ones who have been hurt by this cinama closing have been the kids. Both black and white. U see this town’s leaders have never cared for them either. But I’m pleased they’re the ones extremely upset.
By the way I find all your opinions informative. I believe Regal made the serious mistake of not building a new cinema to meet the new trends. Regel Eneternainment also went public on the stock market too by the way. I figured they sold this cinema to Village Entertainment becouse the profit margins were weak. They should’ve done market studies and ask the why question why they’re going to the cinemas in the Pearl,Madison and Ridgeland. But this town has always been backward. To Jackson and Monroe,La the city whose population hasn’t growned by the way, has the perception of nothing to do. I can voutch for that becouse its true. Now before the closing Village Entertainment was bragging to the local paper about renovations. In fact they pulled a delayed tactic and said that renovations were going to take place this summmer.
Now the real problem has been the Pemberton Mall itself. Where the Malls in Jackosn metro area have undergone rennainnaces,Pemberton has been losing business and with the high rent which CBL instituted and taking store profits. CBL hasn’t faced the real problem of growing crime at the mall which will make a cinema operator think twice. I can tell you as movie buff I took the closing as a slap in the face,an insult. I can tell you this closing embolden me I didn’t expect I hit the cinema sits like Cinamrk,Regal and Malco and I told what happened. Especially on how the two feuded but I want last operator and CBL just have a hard time. At one time I can tell u at the old Battlefiled Mall which has been torned down—there was a cinema outside the mall. Cinema 4 in fact. I want to say that putting Cinema in malls was an 80s trend but I could be wrong.
This summer when I had an oppertunity to visit the River Centre Mall in San Antoine,Texas. It has an AMC Cinema and an IMAX cinema in the same place. I found that to be real cool.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 15, 2007 at 2:29 pm

I remember when the cinema houses were at thier heights as well. In the past Vicksburg had several cinemas,the Strand,the Joy Theatre which are now torned down. Now what did this mall cinema was I believe market shifting. Becouse the new cinmeas like the stadium cinemas like Tinseltown,the Clinton 14 and the Malco in Madison offer bettr films and choice. Where Regel didn;t do its proper market research. And then Village Entertaintment abused the mall property. Now the Pemberton Mall deteroting more it has left the door open for more crime to happen. Listen last year the Pemberton Cinema was used as a conduit for theives to break into the mall to steal XBoxes from the local electronic store. Crime too played a real factor: for one thing Renee Williams who runs the mall hasn’t announced a new cinema property owner. Well some are speculating she hasn’t found a new operator.
Now I came across too in a Google search an article in the Atlanta Business Journal that Caremark Cinemas and Regel Entertainment Group also reported attendance down at thier cinemas.
What both cinema operators didn’t do with this cinema was to offer move movie choices. They catered to the black market more than the whites. And even the well criticize films with black casts didn’t come here either. Another factor too is they would run movie trailers for films like World Trade Center and that movie wouldn’t open here on that opening weekend. Once again I call that deceitful advertising on thier part. With four screens sometimes a new film would open and they would have to accomodate for five films. Like limit showtimes and also the cinema operators would only keep a film for a week sometimes.
But I believe catering to one market and limited choices is what cruxified it; now local leaders are scrambling to find a new operator. Now with commercial real estate and subpirme mortgate having moved into the marketplace,I wouldn’t be surprised if the operators are going to wait and see before coming into this market. But I can tell you the anger over its closing hasn’t ceased. It’s like a hurricane.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 14, 2007 at 5:30 pm

Whem I did a Google search on Movie attedence surveys. PA isn’t the only one that has done one. Zogby reported the samething in their findings as well.

ceasar commented about Survey reveals new factors in moviegoing decline on Aug 14, 2007 at 5:01 pm

That I can voutch for on the fact. When Pemberton Cinema 4 was open and owned by both Regal Entertainment Group and later bought by Village Entertainment,both chains made a fundametal mistake. It was in marketing. Both chains targeted the blacks and teenagers. And more than once black films got held over more than one time. Both chanins never made an effort to appeal to the white young adult market. Now even the teenagers started not going to the cinema here too. Becouse choices were limited. Now some the stories I heard in regard to Pemberton Cinema 4 has been this:
broken seats
sticky floors
broken projectors
and the quality of films never came into this market. Like say to the Tinsel Town in Pearl and Clinton UA14. And both chains didn’t adapt to the fact that cinema has moved out of the mall and into the traditional box. Also crimes took place at the cinema. Last year it was used to break in the mall for example. Now Regel nor Village didn;t consider improving the experince nor thier markets. It’s as if they followed the regional stereotypes. But Regal and Village Entertainment should’ve realize that they too lost thier teen markets to the more choice cinemas like Tinseltown,Malco 17 etc where the experince is first class. Who would want to see a movie on the screen where projectors constantly broke? Or two employees fight among each other? Both chains should share the fault of reality check in a changed demographic.

ceasar commented about The new concert venue or the new television? on Aug 10, 2007 at 5:27 pm

you know in Europe they now air some of thier operas on screen? I read about that once.

ceasar commented about Lakehurst comes down on Aug 7, 2007 at 5:55 pm

This morning a friend of mind ask me a real good question. What is the process that it takes to bring in a cinema/cinema chain into the marketplace? Why does it take so long? U see here it is summer and its halfway over with and still no ground isn’t broken or no annoucements of a new cinema. Well?

ceasar commented about Lakehurst comes down on Aug 6, 2007 at 9:52 pm

I believe the mall cinemas are on the way out. From what I read on a mall retain site,old cinemas have been redone. Now the real question I have why didn’t UA Regel Group when they were at Pemberton Mall move out then and build a nicer larger multiplex? In the smaller communities outside of Jackson they have such cinemas. Yet this port doesn’t get one. What CBL & Village Entertainment did with thier feud was hurt a community as whole but damaged two movie going markets. One here and the other in smaller Lousiana communities across the Ms River. I can tell u there is deep seeded anger still over what happened. But Regel Group and Village Entertainment should’ve realize their narrow marketing niche to teen agers and blacks wasn’t working anymore. Why? The teens have been going to the better cinemas over 30 miles away.

ceasar commented about Belvidere Cinema on Aug 6, 2007 at 6:48 pm

Pemberton Square Cinema 4 was another victim of Village Entertainment. It has been closed now for nearly seven months; it was shut down with the feud over high rent issues with CBL Associattes and Vicksburg has now regressed back another 100 years becouse of this feud. Yet the real hard question that hasn’t been addressed is this: why didn’t this market get a box cinema outside the mall? Now Regel Entertainment Group formally rented that cinema before they sold it to Village Entertainmetn in ‘04. Film wise I can tell Village didn’t do know better. They didn’t do a market study to improve things. Like ask the questions what the customer wanted. Like Regel they continued to target niche market of getting the blacks and teenagers. They never looked at the fact that they lost the teen market to the Jackson Metro area. Especially with Cinemark TinselTown in Pearl,the Malco in Madison and Flowood 15. Poor marketing can also be attributed to its downfall.
And now the mall cinema is closed property at the decaying Pemberton Mall.

ceasar commented about Made in Chicago on Aug 2, 2007 at 6:49 pm

I like John Hughes the breakfast club and I like Adventures in Babysitting. Here’s a note most of John Hughes films were filmed in and around Chicago. His others include 16 Candles,Fueller’s Day off etc.

ceasar commented about Lakehurst comes down on Aug 1, 2007 at 10:16 pm

that was the earliest form of a mulitplex. What lead to its downfall? Poor attentance?

ceasar commented about Pemberton Cinema 4 update on Jul 30, 2007 at 4:34 pm

I heard last night from some relatives of mind that CBL is trying to bring in another cinema operator for that mall. I heard it was contract issues. Village Theatres again? I don’t how true that is. But CBL will be at the losing stick this time for the teen-agers have gotten smart and have been going to the cinemas in the Jackson Metro area. Whovever CBL gets in that spot is going to have hard competitive time with since the locals have been going to the Jackson Metro area cinemas which have a wider choices. ANd I haven’t heard anything new about a new cinema for the outlet mall. But I can tell u the teens are real angry that the cinema closed.

ceasar commented about Introducing myself on Jul 13, 2007 at 2:40 pm

Chelsea u make that Inwood Cinema the classiest in Dallas FtWorth Metroplex area. For films get all sorts like cult classics,indie films,etc but do some market research and see what appeal to your audiences.
U should check out mind on the closing Vicksburgs Pemberton Cinema 4 which had been the only movie house town. U want to know what I think really killed it? The marketing by the cinema operators first the Regel Group and then the corrupt Village Theatres. It narrowed it down to teen and blacks only. Also both operators failed to see the chaning trends within the industry. Such as stadium cinemas etc. A feud between the mall renter CBL Associates and Village Theatres—Village Theatres refused to the pay the high rent. And CBL close the cinema at christmas and ticked the town off. Now it has been six going on seven months without a new operator word here there has been of some new cinema operators but nothing definite. I figure the more heels are dragged the more the Jackson Metro Market will have its foothold here.

ceasar commented about AMC vs. Clearview in Morris County on Jul 13, 2007 at 2:33 pm

that was real entertaining article. U should read mind on the closing of Pemberton Cinema 4 Vicksburg which occurred at Christmas time down here. This port has fallen on hard times and with the closure of the only one cinema in town; people here have migrated to jackson metro area to see thier movies. But an AMC I heard about.

ceasar commented about Pemberton Cinema 4 update on Jun 28, 2007 at 6:34 pm

Thanks for the Village Theatres update. I can tell you when Pemberton Cinema closed the operator didn’t want to pay the rent; on top of that the cinema had a fight among thier own employees. Hey thanks for directing in the right direction. It’s like Village Theatries is a front company you know what I mean? At leat Regal Group allowed customer feedback but u wouldn’t none of that on thier website. Sounds suspicious too. Now Village theatres is using the state of Illonois on thier website. Just thought I pass that on too.

ceasar commented about Pemberton Cinema 4 update on Jun 28, 2007 at 4:23 pm

Well I can tell you I visited the Village Theatre website. It doesn’t have links about the company,nor links so new investors can read about the company. In my opinion makes it badsite. U don’t know who they’re board of directors is nor chairman for that matter.
Now here’s new update. Two cinema operators are interested in this market. One of the is Warren Theatres out of Wichita,Kansas. Renee Williams claims she’s looking for a tenant for the closed cinema but I don’t believe her. The more that the leaders in this town lag on this market the Jackson Metro market will lay claim to it. Now that six months have passed the Jackson Cinema market has now claimed it.

ceasar commented about Pemberton Cinema 4 update on Apr 23, 2007 at 6:15 pm

I haven’t got an acknowledgement from Box office mojo for Pemberton was mentioned and I emailed bigscreen biz yesterday. I came across the Village Theatres postings in my news about Pemberton cinema 4 on this site dated back in December of january. I broke the news of its closing around them becouse it was making state news them. It has been frustating for me too on that Village Theatres bankrupcy story too. I did a google search Tetrazini and I couldn’t find anything.