Movie Theaters Operating as a Film Festivals

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cine Charles Chaplin Cine Charles Chaplin Havana, Cuba Open 1
Cine Cosmos Cine Cosmos Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 2
Cine LeParc Cine LeParc Charleroi, Belgium Open 1
Cine Magaly Cine Magaly San Jose, Costa Rica Open 1
Cine Odeon Cine Odeon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Open 1
Cine Payret Cine Payret Havana, Cuba Open 1
Cine Riviera Cine Riviera Havana, Cuba Open 1
Cine Yara Cine Yara Havana, Cuba Open 1
CineArts Sequoia CineArts Sequoia Mill Valley, CA, United States Open 2
Cinema 21 Cinema 21 Portland, OR, United States Open 3
Cinema Auditorium Arditi Cinema Auditorium Arditi Geneva, Switzerland Open 1
Cinema Cartier Cinema Cartier Quebec City, Canada Open 1
Cinema Centrale Cinema Centrale Lucca, Italy Open 1
Cinema City Cinema City Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Open 5
Cinema City Velky Spalicek Cinema City Velky Spalicek Brno, Czech Republic Open 7
Cinema Como Cinema Como Melbourne, Australia Open 4
Cinema Detroit Cinema Detroit Detroit, MI, United States Open 2
Cinema Lapinsuu Cinema Lapinsuu Sodankyla, Finland Open 1
Cinema Le  Colisee Cinema Le Colisee Marrakesh, Morocco Open 4
Cinema Liberty Cinema Liberty Bruges, Belgium Open 1
Cinema Moderno Cinema Moderno Lucca, Italy Open 1
Cinema Nuovo Olimpia Cinema Nuovo Olimpia Rome, Italy Open 2
Cinema Olympia Cinema Olympia Cannes, France Open 6
Cinema Paradiso - Hollywood Cinema Paradiso - Hollywood Hollywood, FL, United States Open 1
Cinema Paris Cinema Paris Sydney, Australia Open 4
Cinema Park IMAX Kaliningrad Cinema Park IMAX Kaliningrad Kaliningrad, Russian Federation Open 9
Cinema Perla Cinema Perla Bologna, Italy Open 1
Cinema Roxy Cinema Roxy Tangier, Morocco Open 1
Cinema Splendid Palace Cinema Splendid Palace Riga, Latvia Open 2
Cinema Star Cinema Star Strasbourg, France Open 5