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anika143 commented about Ellisville Theatre on Jan 19, 2007 at 6:46 am

I worked there in the box office and concession from 1973-1977. How I rued the day we added the cotton candy machine. I’d go home at night with cotton candy stuck in my hair, my clothes, up my nose. It was like being heavily sprayed with a can of Final Net.

My sisters also worked there, and my oldest sister and the ushers used to ride the popcorn bin down the aisles of the theater after closing. The first day I started there the movie was “Something Big”—a Western, and I had to wear a pin on my shirt that said, “Smile for Something Big”. Generated a lot of wisecracks, too. On breaks we’d sit in the back and watch the show and eat popcorn soaking in ‘butter’—I know the words to all the Elvis songs cause I saw “Elvis Live” about 100 times.

If you have any pictures, I’d love to see them!