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BWilson commented about Dome Theater on Jan 13, 2005 at 12:17 pm

I am the owner of the Dome Theater, The Libby Drive In Theater, and the Lincoln Theatre in Troy. Photos and history can be found on our website at I also have extensive history information on the Lincoln Theatre that has not yet been posted to the website. The Lincoln Theatre (built in 1920) has been rennovated. The Libby Drive In (built in 1954) has been completely restored to its original form. The Dome Theater (built in 1948) is being slowly rennovated. In fact, the seats in the Dome Theater are still the original seats from 1948 and are quite uncomfortable. Where can I find a theater that is closing and may want to get rid of their seating?

Let me know if you would like photos or any other information. You can contact me at or

Bert Wilson