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Discus commented about Royal Theater on Apr 19, 2018 at 9:02 pm

My name is Don Van Wyk. When Darrel Steen was manager at the Royal Theatre I worked at both the theatre and the drive in, as a projectionist. The land Wal Mart is on was the drive in. Time frame was approximately 1961 to 1968. The Royal theatre really never had very large crowds. Seems like just enough to keep it going. I worked at the Royal thru high school and then when in college only at the drive in in the summers. The drive in would draw some good crowds but then at last it to tapered off. March purchased or leased, l don’t know which, the theatre in Milford in 1967 to selling it I don’t know when. I managed the Milford theatre for approximately 9 months in 1967 to February 1968 when I was drafted. By managing it I did the tickets, concession, and projectionist. Don’t ever remember a crowd of over a dozen. I was paid fifty dollars a week. The pay included free rent living in a very old house situated by the road in front of the Milford drive in on Hwy 71. Coldest place I ever lived. Water pipes froze up all the time. Then Darrel would come over with a blow torch to unfreeze them. I know of more people and some history if one wishes to inquire.