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jefrob commented about Town East 5 on May 28, 2017 at 11:23 am

Great recap, dallasmovietheaters. I worked at this theater from November 1981 until August 1983 when I left for college. I was there during the time that Cinemas 3-5 were added onto the building. Cinemas 1 & 2 were still in operation during the construction. I think we closed for only a week or so right before the grand re-opening in December 1982. As you stated, the design was somewhat awkward, with Cinemas 3-5 having their own lobby/concession stand separated from the main lobby/concession stand and connected via a corridor. I loved working concession 2 because it was never as busy as concession 1! Customers would enter the main lobby and head straight for concession 1 even if their movie was in Cinema 3, 4 or 5. No one realized that there was a separate concession stand in the new section until they made their way down the corridor. Concession 1 would be packed with full lines and concession 2 would be completely empty. I loved working here and at several other General Cinema theaters in DFW (Valley View, Irving Mall, Red Bird Mall, and Town East 6). We had some great times and I made some good friends with whom I’m still friends more than 30 years later.