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katamanto commented about Cinedome 70 on Feb 24, 2010 at 2:11 am

Thanks MarkG for the condition update. The building was recently sold and I hear they have plans to raze it for a car lot. (Yes – Riverdale needs more of those!) The county assessor puts the value of the property at only $678,921.00.

I’d still like to see “The Domes” saved. It is a very unique and rare style of theater. I believe there is enough interest that money could be raised (over time) to restore it. There is a Facebook group for sharing memories with over 350 members; I think there are hundreds (thousands?) more in the general public who would contribute to saving it. The first step would be just securing it from being torn down.

A restored theater wouldn’t have to compete with first-run theaters. It could be operated as a non-profit specialty theater hosting Indie movies, film festivals, movie premiers, concerts, etc., as well as first-runs. There are other theaters that are thriving on this model (ie: Egyptian Theater in Boise, Idaho). I’m willing to jump in and get this started. I just need to hear from ONE other person who thinks we should do it! Sadly, I think the public has rolled over on this one – even the original owner’s family hasn’t tried to save it (recently).