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mdustin commented about Raintree Cinemas 1, 2,3 on Sep 7, 2021 at 4:07 pm

Well I posted this once and never showed up Worked at Raintree during the Star Wars year (s). Such a great group of people to work with, with some very fond memories. Although we had a union member on call a few of us were lucky enough to learn the dual projector system. Glenn was a great guy to work for and his wife and daughters were part of the theatre family. Does anyone remember “Alice in Wonderland Rated X”(rated R by todays standards) Glenn was one of the few mainstream theatre owners that took in an “X” rated movie. Very bold. Loved Thursday night build and preview in the screening room. Did anyone find Glenn? Did a quick search and didnt find anything. Still the central Ohio area and would love to say hi