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onemoretime commented about Colony Theater on Nov 19, 2016 at 11:21 pm

I must have just missed the Arsonist leaving this building. I was walking home from work down Robinson St. when I heard loud crackling noise coming from the building. I ran across the street to, I think it was called the Dog House. I called the Fire Dept and the dispatcher Guy was a real ass.

I remember he insisted several times that I go up to the burning Building because he said he needed an actual street number. I told him the building is on FIRE. I also said, “you can’t miss the fire, just drive down State street near Aumillers drug store”

Quite a while goes by and finally 1 (ONE) small Fire Truck shows up!! The building could have been saved in my opinion if not for that dispatcher that night. I got the feeling that he just didn’t believe me. I hope that guy got fired, but I doubt it…after all, this is Schenectady NY I’m talking about.

When I was young, Friends and I would buy smoke bombs and other novelty fireworks (not real fireworks) from State News. That was a really cool store with a great selection of 10 cent candy. Sadly, stores like that don’t exist anymore.