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PauloFerrero commented about Cinema Odeon on Oct 6, 2004 at 4:21 am

Hello, there. Sorry for the delay. Replying to Orlando’s question let me say that Tivoli is still there, but only perfoming as a theatre stage … mainly with plays from Brazilian actors and so. Cinearte is also a theatre, now with 2 halls in stead of 1, and is homing a theatre company named “A Barraca” ( Condes is now a Hard Rock Cafe, completely destroyed as its interior is concerning. As well as Eden, perhaps our “former-best”. Monumental, our biggest, was destroyed and is now a building. Império is now a church (?), homing “IURD” ( São Jorge, once Lisbon’s high-class movie theatre, is stil there, but with 3 rooms, in stead of 1, and whithout organ intermission. Politeama is now performing just music-hall. Paris, is closed and falling a pieces, waiting for some project from the Mayor. And the rest is silence. In what concerns Odeon, my project (Novo Odéon) is shot down, due to I’m waiting for 3 years, for a reply from the Mayor’s office, and to be menace by Odéon’s owners for judicial losts and damnages prossecution. Odéon is quite a piece but I’m almost alone in this, so…