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rt66nm commented about Strand Theatre on Jun 15, 2009 at 9:22 pm

I also disagree with Prov. per “…it was not a particularly good looking theater…just big…like a warehouse.” In addition to descriptions by others, I’d add there was an a nice external foyer where folks could stand out of the weather waiting in line or for friends and once you entered the French doors(?), there was ‘The Hall of Mirrors"…a ‘few’ big framed mirrors across from one another going down the entry that produced a 'visual echo’ whereby looking into one you saw yourself looking into the other behind you whereby you then saw your actual self looking into the mirror etc. etc. etc. LOL On one side of the transverse aisle separating the balcony from the lower level, there was a 4 footish high wood paneled wall, topped by about a foot high, velvet “curtain” on a rod that was connected to “brass” posts. Never knew the purpose…maybe it was so the usher could poke his/her hand through to whop on the head those in that back row who were necking too heavily…LOL. I’m pretty sure all theaters did it, but there was something special when the big curtain opened to reveal the logo of the movie behind another transparent curtain which then opened. Can’t remember if there were at least one (no longer used) “box seating” along each side wall. Last film I saw was South Pacific with Kathleen before I went off to college where I next saw West Side Story in Grauman’s Chinese which I thought was nice but didn‘t overwhelm me…well OK, there’s also the hand and feet prints in cement out front. Pardon me now while I go eat some Good & Plentys.

rt66nm commented about KiMo Theatre on Jun 15, 2009 at 8:57 pm

Yes, its well worth the 15 minute stop as you could probably find a parking space almost outside on old Rt. 66 itself! Besides its FREE. Here’s a virtual tour Who knows, you might run into the ghost
Hasta Luego ! Oh, check for more exciting things to do/see in The Q.