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Slade789 commented about Glove Theatre on Dec 18, 2004 at 3:32 am

Hi Ken,

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Slade789 commented about Glove Theatre on Dec 15, 2004 at 6:52 pm


Just put in The Schines Auburn Theater in Google and your site came up. Your right, the nightclub idea for the Schines failed. I was one of the partners who purchased it in 1980. We bought it for $120,000. At that time it truly was a beautiful theater. Losing quite of bit of money I got out in 1982 and just gave my interest to the remaining four partners. Six months later, the club ( Charlies) failed and they closed it. Later, one of the partners son (John Pettigrass) turned the lobby of the theater into a movie rental store. That store closed about four years later. After the store closed the theater remained unoccupied and the ‘elements’ took over. Unfortunately water just poured onto the stage and destroyed alot of the seats and stage area. Also many of the beautiful artifacts just were taken.
I truly that there is a huge opportunity for the city of Auburn if they only can realize it. Auburn is such a conservative town that many people just don’t realize what this theater is.
Although the Arts COuncil has taken over the management of the refurbising of the Schines, it has been an extremely slow process. Over the last five years, no noticable work has been noted.
Just a comment. Joe Vitale V00888@