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tedcarol commented about North Shore Theatre on Jan 28, 2012 at 12:22 am

Kind of difficult to remember all the details but I worked at the North Shore for two years, back in 1953 and 1954, during my junior and senior high school years. Worked as an usher, ticket collector, and marquee/poster changer. For a kid, just a great job, lots of perks. Really a great group of people where working there at the time, I got quite an education from the guys in the projection booth. It was during the days of the movie industries early attempts at the 3-D movie, 3-D glasses and all. At the time the “House of Wax” was the name of one of the 3-D movies we running. I recall it was a Mr. Bryant was the general manager, worked days and a Mr. Sprague (same person as the career counselor at GHS) was the night manager. Didn’t make much money but saw a lot of movies of free. We also had a agreement with the Strand Theater where North Shore employee’s could go to there theater to see a movie and visa-a-verse. I can still recall the late nights closing up the theater, eating at the Cape Ann dinner, heading of Nick’s before it closed, taking the bus home and getting up the next morning of school. Ted Carroll ()