Triplex Movie Theaters

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Name Location Status ↑ Screens
Cineast Cineast Enschede, Netherlands Open 3
Vue Gorinchem Vue Gorinchem Gorinchem, Netherlands Open 3
Movieskoop Cinemas Emmeloord Movieskoop Cinemas Emmeloord Emmeloord, Netherlands Open 3
Concordia Concordia Enschede, Netherlands Open 3
Uptown Cinema Uptown Cinema Port Elizabeth, South Africa Open 3
Filmtheater Hilversum Filmtheater Hilversum Hilversum, Netherlands Open 3
Cacaofabriek Cacaofabriek Helmond, Netherlands Open 3
Atlantic Bioscoop Atlantic Bioscoop Harderwijk, Netherlands Open 3
Bios Hardenberg Bios Hardenberg Hardenberg, Netherlands Open 3
CineTwins CineTwins Malden, Netherlands Open 3
Movie Unlimited Movie Unlimited Kampen, Netherlands Open 3
Movie Unlimited Movie Unlimited Zevenaar, Netherlands Open 3
Cinema Roma Cinema Roma Wijchen, Netherlands Open 3
Utrecht City Utrecht City Utrecht, Netherlands Open 3
Vue Nijmegen Walstraat Vue Nijmegen Walstraat Nijmegen, Netherlands Open 3
DOK6 DOK6 Panningen, Netherlands Open 3
Vue Steenwijk Vue Steenwijk Steenwijk, Netherlands Open 3
Paragon Cinema 3 Paragon Cinema 3 Marksville, LA, United States Open 3
Cinema City Cinema City Norwich, United Kingdom Open 3
Royal Cinema Royal Cinema St. Ives, United Kingdom Open 3
Paseo Camarillo Cinemas Paseo Camarillo Cinemas Camarillo, CA, United States Open 3
Buenos Aires Mon Amour Buenos Aires Mon Amour Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 3
Movies Lompoc Movies Lompoc Lompoc, CA, United States Open 3
Empire Cinema Empire Cinema San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago Open 3
Orana Cinemas Orana Cinemas Kalgoorlie, Australia Open 3
Gold Hill Theatres Gold Hill Theatres Woodland Park, CO, United States Open 3
Reichert's Showhouse 3 Reichert's Showhouse 3 Othello, WA, United States Open 3
Standees-The Entertaining Eatery Standees-The Entertaining Eatery Prairie Village, KS, United States Open 3
New Picture House New Picture House St. Andrews, United Kingdom Open 3
Depot Cinema Depot Cinema Lewes, United Kingdom Open 3