Streamline Moderne Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Studio 35 Cinema Studio 35 Cinema Columbus, OH, United States Open 1
Sun Theatre Sun Theatre Melbourne, Australia Open 8
Sun Theatre Sun Theatre Gothenburg, NE, United States Open 1
Sun-Ray Cinema Sun-Ray Cinema Jacksonville, FL, United States Open 2
Sycamore State Theater Sycamore State Theater Sycamore, IL, United States Open 3
Tarlton Theatre Tarlton Theatre Green Bay, WI, United States Open 1
Taylorville Cinema Taylorville Cinema Taylorville, IL, United States Open 2
Teatro Balboa Teatro Balboa Panama City, Panama Open 1
Teatro Broadway Teatro Broadway Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 1
Teatro Capitólio Teatro Capitólio Lisbon, Portugal Open 1
Teatro Cardenas Teatro Cardenas Cardenas, Cuba Open 1
Teatro Coliseum Teatro Coliseum Madrid, Spain Open 1
Teatro Dal Verme Teatro Dal Verme Milan, Italy Open 1
Teatro Figaro Teatro Figaro Madrid, Spain Open 1
Teatro Glauce Rocha Teatro Glauce Rocha Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Open 1
Teatro Gran Rivadavia Teatro Gran Rivadavia Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 1
Teatro Hollywood Teatro Hollywood Coamo, Puerto Rico Open 1
Teatro Karl Marx Teatro Karl Marx Havana, Cuba Open 1
Teatro Kursaal Teatro Kursaal Locarno, Switzerland Open 1
Teatro Metropolitan Teatro Metropolitan Catania, Italy Open 1
Teatro Zulima Teatro Zulima Cucuta, Colombia Open 1
Teche Theatre for the Performing Arts Teche Theatre for the Performing... Franklin, LA, United States Open 1
Texas Theater Texas Theater Ballinger, TX, United States Open 1
Texas Theatre Texas Theatre Sweetwater, TX, United States Open 2
Theatiner Filmkunst Lichtspiele Theatiner Filmkunst Lichtspiele Munich, Germany Open 1
Theatre Marni Theatre Marni Brussels, Belgium Open 1
Theatre de l'Eperon Theatre de l'Eperon Angueleme, France Open 1
Tidemark Theatre Tidemark Theatre Campbell River, Canada Open 1
Tift Theatre for the Performing Arts Tift Theatre for the Performing ... Tifton, GA, United States Open 1
Tilton Square Theatre Tilton Square Theatre Northfield, NJ, United States Open 8