Updated Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Ritz Theater Ritz Theater Baxter Springs, KS, United States Closed Apr 28, 2020
Theatre Royal Theatre Royal Timaru, New Zealand Closed Mar 28, 2020
Bay Theatre Bay Theatre Seal Beach, CA, United States Closed Mar 26, 2020
Boone Theatre Boone Theatre Kansas City, MO, United States Closed Mar 19, 2020
Baker Theatre Baker Theatre Baker City, OR, United States Closed Mar 15, 2020
Espace Senghor Espace Senghor Brussels, Belgium Open Mar 3, 2020
Carver Theatre Carver Theatre Miami, FL, United States Closed Feb 12, 2020
Plains Theater Plains Theater Eads, CO, United States Open Jan 27, 2020
Paradise Theatre Paradise Theatre West Allis, WI, United States Closed Jan 14, 2020
State Theatre Center for the Arts State Theatre Center for the Arts Uniontown, PA, United States Open Jan 11, 2020
St. Andrews Cinema 3 St. Andrews Cinema 3 St. Charles, MO, United States Closed Dec 27, 2019
Opera House Opera House Geary, OK, United States Closed Dec 18, 2019
Sampson Theatre Sampson Theatre Penn Yan, NY, United States Closed Dec 14, 2019
Winchester Square Theatre Winchester Square Theatre Temecula, CA, United States Closed Dec 1, 2019
Ely's Historic State Theater Ely's Historic State Theater Ely, MN, United States Closed Oct 9, 2019
Cinema Orchidea d'Essai Cinema Orchidea d'Essai Milan, Italy Closed Oct 6, 2019
Rapids Theatre Rapids Theatre Rock Rapids, IA, United States Closed Oct 2, 2019
Hippodrome Theatre Hippodrome Theatre Julesburg, CO, United States Open Sep 18, 2019
AMC Seattle 10 AMC Seattle 10 Seattle, WA, United States Open Sep 12, 2019
Civic Theatre Civic Theatre Scone, Australia Closed Aug 29, 2019
California Theatre California Theatre Dunsmuir, CA, United States Closed Aug 29, 2019
Rialto Theater Rialto Theater Fort Wayne, IN, United States Closed Aug 11, 2019
Golden Rule Theatre Golden Rule Theatre New York, NY, United States Closed Jul 17, 2019
Clawson Theater Clawson Theater Clawson, MI, United States Closed Jul 13, 2019
Kings Court Theatre Kings Court Theatre Hudson, NH, United States Closed Jul 4, 2019
Teatro La Beckett Teatro La Beckett Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Open Jun 12, 2019
Movie Tavern by Marcus Trexlertown Movie Tavern by Marcus Trexlertown Allentown, PA, United States Open May 29, 2019
Star Cinéma Star Cinéma Cannes, France Closed May 17, 2019
Green Theater Green Theater La Plata, MO, United States Closed Apr 19, 2019
Beirut City Centre Dome Cinema Beirut City Centre Dome Cinema Beirut, Lebanon Closed Apr 4, 2019