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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Eagles Theatre Eagles Theatre Wabash, IN, United States Closed Nov 18, 2021
Fox Fullerton Theatre Fox Fullerton Theatre Fullerton, CA, United States Closed Nov 17, 2021
Curzon Cinema & Arts Curzon Cinema & Arts Clevedon, United Kingdom Open Nov 17, 2021
Hanover Theatre Hanover Theatre Hanover, PA, United States Closed Nov 16, 2021
Grand Theatre Grand Theatre Philippi, WV, United States Closed Nov 7, 2021
Granada Walthamstow Granada Walthamstow London, United Kingdom Closed Nov 6, 2021
Lincoln Theater Lincoln Theater Baton Rouge, LA, United States Closed Oct 26, 2021
KOKO KOKO London, United Kingdom Closed Oct 22, 2021
Uptown Theatre Uptown Theatre Philadelphia, PA, United States Closed Oct 16, 2021
Beale Street Theatre Beale Street Theatre Kingman, AZ, United States Closed Oct 15, 2021
Regency Festival Cinemas Regency Festival Cinemas Indio, CA, United States Closed Oct 12, 2021
Rogers Theatre Rogers Theatre Shelby, NC, United States Closed Sep 25, 2021
Ritz Theater Ritz Theater Corpus Christi, TX, United States Closed Sep 18, 2021
Riverfront Opry House Riverfront Opry House Cave-in-Rock, IL, United States Closed Sep 13, 2021
Lompoc Theatre Lompoc Theatre Lompoc, CA, United States Closed Sep 10, 2021
Lyric Theater Lyric Theater Carrizozo, NM, United States Closed Sep 3, 2021
7th Street Theatre 7th Street Theatre Hoquiam, WA, United States Open Aug 25, 2021
Mother Lode Theatre Mother Lode Theatre Butte, MT, United States Open Aug 24, 2021
Alhambra Theatre Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline, United Kingdom Open Aug 23, 2021
El Rey Theatre El Rey Theatre San Francisco, CA, United States Closed Aug 22, 2021
Luciann Theatre Luciann Theatre Memphis, TN, United States Closed Aug 14, 2021
Studebaker Theater & Playhouse Theater Studebaker Theater & Playhouse T... Chicago, IL, United States Closed Aug 2, 2021
Enfield Performing Arts Center Enfield Performing Arts Center Enfield, NC, United States Open Jul 22, 2021
Texan Theater Texan Theater Junction, TX, United States Closed Jul 21, 2021
Cavern Theatre Cavern Theatre Carlsbad, NM, United States Closed Jul 19, 2021
Vista Theatre Vista Theatre Los Angeles, CA, United States Closed Jul 6, 2021
Dreamland Cinema Dreamland Cinema Margate, United Kingdom Closed Jul 5, 2021
Broadway Theatre Broadway Theatre Mount Pleasant, MI, United States Open Jul 5, 2021
William Carlos Williams Center for the Performing Arts William Carlos Williams Center f... Rutherford, NJ, United States Closed Jun 28, 2021
Ritz Theatre Ritz Theatre Winter Haven, FL, United States Closed Jun 28, 2021