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chrisksn1 commented about Eastgate 5 Theatres on Sep 16, 2005 at 8:07 am

I went by Eastgate just the other day (Thursday, September 15, 2005) and noticed something that I never thought would happen…The Eastgate has been torn down. I was only a kid when I got to go to the theater, but it was my first (and for a time, only) experience at the movies as a youngster. It’s sad to see it go. My older brother was telling me the first movie he remember seeing in that theater was Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I sat in his car looking at the ruin of the building thinking of how it must have been to see that movie on the big screen. (My family are all big Star Trek fans).

I have some pictures of the theater being torn down, if anyone would like to have them, and if so, just drop me an e-mail at