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Cygnux commented about Pinewood Cinema on Oct 27, 2017 at 10:04 pm

When this theater was converted and split multiple times, it was like looking at a tv screen down a long tube. lol

The projection booth was old style. Back when there the projectors ran 20 minute reels and had to be watched constantly. Because of this, there was almost an apartment feel to the booth. Over in one corner was a toilet just out in the open and I think a bed but fuzzy on that one. Since the reels were so short, the projectionist were unionized and couldn’t leave the booth. Of course they eventually went to 1 hour reels and then to full movie platters. There was always a rumor that surrounded this theater that it was haunted. Supposedly an employee had hung themselves in the booth after hours.

Cygnux commented about Circle South 29 Drive-In on Oct 27, 2017 at 9:50 pm

It was just called South 29. Not circle south 29. The Circle Drive-in was a different place off of Reidville Road Circle.

Cygnux commented about Westgate Twin Cinema on Oct 27, 2017 at 9:48 pm

Sorry but this picture is not from Westgate Twin (Plitt). I worked there as a projectionist and it was nothing like this. This might be Westgate Cinemas though.

Cygnux commented about Westgate Twin Cinema on Sep 27, 2017 at 8:00 pm

There seems to be some confusion in this thread about the theaters. I thought I would help out. I was employed at one of the two theaters mentioned. Westgate Cinema and Westgate Twin were not the same theater. They actually had nothing to do with each other in terms of business.

Westgate Twin was originally an ABC theater but was purchased by Plitt. This is when I worked there, starting out tearing tickets and moving to projectionist. The theater was located on W.O. Ezell Blvd next to where Dorman High School used to be located. It was two screens and remained two screens until it was closed and demolished. There was a Red side and Blue side. It was one of the last theaters in Spartanburg that really big screens and curtains that moved on the side when the movie was in CinemaScope. The theater was sold by Plitt to a Canadian company called Cineplex Odeon. After that it was closed and demolished. A Barnes and Noble sits there now.

Westgate Cinema 6 AKA Westgate Mall theater was outside of the mall in the back parking lot about where Costco is now. At the time it was only 6 screens but is not I think 8 screens inside the mall, upstairs. The theater was originally owned by General Cinemas. I know this because they used this presentation bumper. Most people hated it. I always sort of liked it.

It was later purchased by Regal Theaters and used this bumper.

I have somewhere in my position the bumper from Plitt but its on 35MM film and could not find it on YouTube.

Anyway, Westgate Cinemas was the location of a horrible robbery and double murder. One victim was killed on site and the other (Asst.manager and friend of mine)was taken up to Inman and shot execution style. The two killers had been sitting in the theater watching “Dances With Wolves”. they left the movie robbed and killed the two people and in the long run, themselves. All for around $2000 bucks.

Hope this helps.