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Elena1 commented about Loew's 46th Street Theatre on Aug 19, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Big stain on the screen of the beverly for YEARS everyone in the neighborhood knew it and still remember it 35 years later looked like someone threw an egg at it. it dripped down and no one ever cleaned it and depending on the scene you’d see the stain on someones face or whatever was going on in the movie at the time hilarious.

Elena1 commented about Kingsway Theatre on Aug 19, 2008 at 1:13 pm

What a shame this one closed. The sheer size of some of the houses in brooklyn was magnificent. At least it wasnt demolished totally or sit rotting like the Poor Kings. My memory was going to see i think it was born on the 4th of july? and we couldnt all agree on what to see and one guy said lets see it there and we couldnt figure out why he wanted to go here when there were other theatres closer & better time and parking. We go in and we sit down and my friend says ill sit on the end, then he goes im going to get popcorn before the movie starts. We never saw him again till almost the end of the movie. He snuck into one of the other movies to see kickboxer. that was his plan all along. we laughed at that for years. so cool that you could go see like 5 movies if you were slick.

Elena1 commented about Marboro Theatre on Aug 19, 2008 at 12:56 pm

I think i saw rocky there and if theres anyplace to see a rocky movie its bensonhurst. people were cheering and jumping up and down in the seats. wow.

Elena1 commented about Kent Theater on Aug 19, 2008 at 12:55 pm

Love the pix of the kent. There use to be a bar next to it and we’d go see a movie at the Kent then go have a drink. You couldnt beat it 25 years ago. Closeby and you only had to park say 2-3 blocks away-good for brooklyn. I mean for a last minute nite out that was fine. forgot the name of the bar night something i think. sometimes you just od on hbo you need to go see a movie. but with todays prices forget it. pay per view here i come.

Elena1 commented about Loew's 46th Street Theatre on Aug 19, 2008 at 11:14 am

I kid you not I saw him on the stairs and this is like 30 years ago and he had his hand on the gun in his right pants pocket. i wouldnt know if it was real or not but what he was doing on stairs in the middle of the crowd is beyond me and again thats the only memory i have of the entire concert. i guess it really stuck in my mind. and he was the only one id recognize in the band. luckily there was no problems. i cant even remember who i went with. but i think thats the only event i attended at the 46th street because they had concerts. as for movies i lived closer to the beverly. another story-the big stain on the screen hahahahaha but walking distance and movies for $1 and the planet of the apes marathon all 5 in one day amazing.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 19, 2008 at 8:02 am

People seem to think area can support two. Again Kings has nostalgic value. That’s why I thought the museum idea was marvelous because that will add value. You won’t only get events patrons, but people who remember the theatre, architectural fans and people interested in brooklyn history and entertainment history.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 19, 2008 at 6:35 am

I’m not blaming the neighborhood. There are many factors-mostly as stated, cost and overruns and continuing profit. However, the neighborhood doesn’t help. I think once it were restored the rest of the area will pick up. BUT the issue is, in my opinion, prospective developers may not agree and thats holding up the commitment of someone to come in and move on it in addition to the financial issues. So it becomes a catch 22. Someone who thinks its a worthwhile risk is the fish thats needed here. Again it comes down to MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING someone has to do a big sell here.

Elena1 commented about Loew's 46th Street Theatre on Aug 18, 2008 at 1:31 pm

I saw Jay and the Americans there I think in the 70’s. I remember the crowd was unruly. I think we weren’t use to having concerts in the neighborhood. Anyhow I recall seeing Jay walking up the steps with holding a gun half in and half out of his pants pocket. Scary. Thats the thing that stands out in my memory about the concert.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 18, 2008 at 12:56 pm

Agreed-I previously cited the neighborhood but got clobbered on this one about how other venues are in worse places. Not faulting Markowitz but if his heart is in it—it needs the full court press. Understand that there are other more serious issues. Thing with the Kings is its either 100% or forget it cause its a tough sell. On my recent visit back I noticed same thing surprised at the gentrification from Coney Island Ave. on. But minute you cross Ocean Ave. same as 30 years ago and the Ditmas Park people may as well be on another planet. I think Flatbush Avenue may be slower to gentrify if at all. The newbies have to have stores to attract them but they aren’t there yet. And I was put off by the seedy look to the stores and also the roving teens were a bit scary as well—you know the type the staredowns, the pants down to the floor, the cursing, the im not moving you walk around me attitude-maybe not the main issue but you can’t ignore it either.

Elena1 commented about Beverly Theater on Aug 18, 2008 at 11:41 am

AHHHH the Beverly—the closest theater to my house. a free walk and $1 in the later years when you were broke – great. I also remember the xxx and the picketing in the 70’s. And who can forget the Ape marathon i believe that was also when the cost was $1 so you saw 5 ape pix all in one day for a dollar. I remember going in at noon on a saturday and making it through 3 before i couldnt take any more. Your feet always stuck to the floor. People I knew swore the place had fleas cause they’d say they were itchy after going there. So of course after that, I’d go see a movie and imagine i was itchy. Does anyone remember the stain on the screen?

Elena1 commented about Culver Theatre on Aug 18, 2008 at 11:37 am

I remember the Culver. I think I saw one movie that I can remember there—Who’s been sleeping in my bed with carol burnett. Not sure of the year but it had to be around 1963-64? Anyhow I recall walking home to Cortelyou Rd. & E 5th and feeling like I walked miles. Funny the way we remember things.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 18, 2008 at 7:10 am

Well alot to comment on here. First off I’m shocked the murals disappeared. They were beautiful. I looked forward to seeing one in particular, when the theatre would finally be restored. This is an outrage. Who is getting in there? Where is the security? Or who has the keys? I do agree the locals have no interest in something they weren’t a part of in years past. They would, I’m sure be supportive once the place is up and running and had events of interest. But to get them on board with a restoration – forget it. I also agree that if people come back for Nathan’s and Junior’s they would come to the Kings. Again it’s MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING. I’d come back. If you get big names-people will come. Look at the Beacon. Off the beaten path but people come. I love the idea of a museum and maybe a club but a club may be too much. The possibilities are endless and if you keep an open mind-the theater can be booked solid and definitely turn a profit. I do see gentrification on Cortelyou Road so thats promising on many levels. Also yes it was pointed out that other venues had volunteers. I think for the Kings to be a go, it has to have effort on many levels both financially and all else. I’m sure people would volunteer. So with perhaps money coming in from govt, donations, and maybe a white knight that could amount to alot. And with work being done with perhaps contractors who care (need a good contract here and good references) and volunteers; and with events that cover lots of areas such ad recitals, graduations, perhaps weddings, shows, movies, concerts, etc. then it can work. My question is why does Markowitz seem to run hot and cold on this? I think if the plight was again highlighted in the paper and on tv with perhaps appeals on the air, people may rally. But it cant be a push then die it has to really be an all-fronts attack. As for all the big names that were the history. Weren’t these folks approached and never answered. I guess they just dont care. Where’s Trump. He came in when the Central Park Skating rink was languishing and he got the job done. But then it will Be the Trump Kings but who cares as long as its done and a success. Has anyone tried him? He was big in Bklyn year’s before people really knew who he was. His (father mostly) name was all over projects in Coney Island.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 13, 2008 at 6:29 am

Wow. I dont know whether to feel better or worse given the above article. I simply dont know why this is so hard to get off the ground. I also didnt know the city was committed to kick in $35K more than I expected. Thats half of the projected cost (but we all know how stuff always runs over budget) and I really dont think corners should be cut with the restoration. So an additional $35k from private investors isnt too much to ask in my book and again I think alot of money can be raised by people like us who would love to kick in some to restore it. It just needs that start and momentum. Was downtown yesterday and saw some demolition going on. I believe its where the Albee theater was. Shame, another one bites the dust. Maybe people are more sympathetic to churches? Who knows.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 12, 2008 at 5:55 am

I agree I think if you build it people will come and it is spectacular. And yes I saw that they even razed the bldg’s next to the theater which can be used for parking besides the lot mentioned behind the theater. I wish I couldve seen inside of it. And again, I think with a combination of public funds, private developer, and donations it can happen. I don’t think Flatbush Avenue is a slum. And I do remember when you couldnt pay anyone to live in Park Slope and now its untouchable for most people to live there. So now is the time to start on the ground floor. I did see alot of movement from Coney Island Avenue towards Flatbush Avenue. Alot of diversity and alot of renovations going on and the prices are escalating. I thing apartments were the ruination of alot of areas. When people own something, they have more inclination to take care of it. Any ETA on how long a restoration would take to complete? Any word on if anyone expressed an interest after the spring tour? When I said local I mean not only ethnic and cultural I mean also continuing graduations as in the past and also perhaps dance school productions and senior events with specials and packages to attract groups. The St. George in SI does that and I tell you people are flocking there and it gets alot of press in the SI paper because a local woman restored it. It is also attracting named headliners.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 11, 2008 at 11:12 am

OK well I thought since I’ve been commenting on this topic, that I should go visit so I can comment with some knowledge. So I took a little trip to Flatbush Avenue Saturday. Haven’t been there in 30 years. My prior concern is confirmed. I don’t think it will be the cost that’s prohibiting the project if you find the right investors and operators and do some fundraising I think with a huge group effort it can be done. My concern is the area. I previously commented about it and someone countered with Flatbush Ave. being lively. Yes lively but thing is will residents come to events at the theater. I found the area not to be mostly carribean. It appeared to be entirely carribean. So my take is that you would need enough local events to attract the residents but will also need events that attract outsiders to sustain a profit. I also found that the avenue was not the upscale boulevard of the 50’s. Some stores were quite seedy. So for the theater to generate an ongoing profit, it will have to have events that cater to the local population and as mentioned, awards shows, and headliners to tap into a larger audience. Obviously the key is to have the theater booked all the time. Thing is for outsiders to converge on Flatbush Avenue during the daytime – you will have a traffic issue and disruption of this main shopping area. If you have evening events – you will have to guarantee visitors safety otherwise no one will come. And of course at all times – parking. You know if there were some decent restaurants nearby, people would go to a show and then have a bite either beforehand or afterwards. It was so sad to see it boarded up. Of course none of the stores that were there when I lived there remain. Even the really cool bldg. that Macy’s once occupied has been altered to house Staples and Old Navy, etc.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 8, 2008 at 1:47 pm

I would like to know what happened after the RFP tour in the spring. It seems as though project gets resurrected and we get false hopes then it dies again. Shame.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 8, 2008 at 6:21 am

I agree that starting is better than simply talking about it but there is no one to start. I do believe that restoring is better than simply fixing.

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 4, 2008 at 8:17 am

Sorry I got cut off—if the theatre were open it would attract people to the area!

Elena1 commented about Kings Theatre on Aug 4, 2008 at 8:16 am

Hi. I came across your site and am thrilled that there’s some dialogue at least about the Loew’s Kings. I graduated HS there and was probably among the last schools to do so. It is a magnificent theatre and, frankly, I thought it was made into something else by now. Well, luckily not, but I am shocked that it is sitting there rotting. After seeing the recent RFP tour pix inside-I am glad that it is not in worse condition. I am happy that the roof is fixed and hope that the building is secured against future vandalism and hopefully inside jobs as well. Water damage is such a nightmare but the place looks better than I thought and the damage seems to be concentrated as I could decipher from the pictures. I think it is definitely salvageable. It would be a travesty if it was left this way or demolished.

Having said that, the only concern I have is that if the neighborhood is not safe, then all that work would be totally undone fast. I grew up in Flatbush in the late 50’s-mid 80’s and in the late 50’s Flatbush Avenue was simply beautiful. Such upscale mom and pop type stores — a grand boulevard that you could stroll safely. I watched it decline in the 70’s to nothing but cheap junk stores and drugs I certainly wouldn’t STROLL there any longer. With the demise of Macy’s and Woolworths, etc. and all the other lovely theatres and Garfield’s cafeteria and Jahn’s on Church Ave. there was simply nothing left.

I live in SI now but would certainly come back to the Kings if it was restored and would also donate to the rehab cause.

I’m sure I’m not going to say anything new here but as I see it, the theatre is not getting enough publicity. I think an all out appeal from every angle needs to be done. From local officials to TV documentaries, local cable stations, large newspapers, etc. I also believe that Ms. Streisand needs to be approached again. However, if she does not respond, perhaps someone on the level of Bill Gates who is always looking for causes and currently is overseeing teaching children in schools how to play bridge so he may be receptive to arts related projects. The word needs to get out beyond where it has been. I also think people who grew up in the neighborhood and have fond memories would definitely donate to a fund raiser and contractors may be persuaded to work at favorable rates in order to have their name linked with the project.

As for its income generating capacity on an ongoing basis, there are tons of events that can be held there as long as SAFETY and parking can be guaranteed. A woman in SI that runs a dance school restored the St. George Theatre and the events are great people attend and love it. It is a total success. In addition to movies, schools can resume commencements. There can be recitals, all performing arts, religious services, comedy shows and awards shows. Look at Radio City with Oscars. The St. George has all sorts of specials such as senior’s groups and Tony Bennett appeared.

Local merchants should pony up $ as well because if the theatre