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RichS commented about Indian Hills Theatre on Jul 11, 2009 at 11:28 am

Three generations of my family worked at Indian Hills. I still can’t believe it’s gone, even after all this time. I drive past that empty parking lot all the time and try to imagine it there again. My grandfather worked for the Omaha projectionist union back in the 60s and spent time at Indian Hills. My dad and his brother both worked there as an usher and projectionist. In 1997 I was promoted by First International Theaters and moved to Omaha as Indian Hills Asst Manager. First International sold to Carmike Cinemas, and I moved to the Orchard Theater. My younger brother took my place as Indian Hills Asst Manager. Ironically enough, my uncle on my moms side is a security guard for Methodist Health System. If watch the Preserve Me A Seat trailer, he’s the officer/guard that is escorting someone and putting his hand up to the camera. Just doing his job, but embarassing none the less.