Movie Theaters Operated by CGR Cinemas

Showing 14 open movie theaters
Name Location ↑ Status Screens
Mega CGR Colmar Mega CGR Colmar Colmar, France Open 12
CGR Mantes-la-Jolie CGR Mantes-la-Jolie Mantes-la-Jolie, France Open 9
CGR Cinema Odeon CGR Cinema Odeon Cherbourg, France Open 5
CGR Paris -  Lilas CGR Paris - Lilas Paris, France Open 7
CGR Colisee CGR Colisee Carcassonne, France Open 4
CGR Le Mans Le Coliséé CGR Le Mans Le Coliséé Le Mans, France Open 12
CGR Arcades Rougé CGR Arcades Rougé Cholet, France Open 9
CGR Le Mans Saint-Saturnain CGR Le Mans Saint-Saturnain Saint-Saturnain, France Open 12
CGR Lanester CGR Lanester Lanester, France Open 11
Cinema CGR Angueleme Cinema CGR Angueleme Angueleme, France Open 11
CGR Brest Le Celtic CGR Brest Le Celtic Brest, France Open 8
CGR La Ciotat - The Spot CGR La Ciotat - The Spot La Ciotat, France Open 8
CGI Beaune CGI Beaune Beaune, France Open 6
Cinema Mega CGR Bordeaux Le Francais Cinema Mega CGR Bordeaux Le Fran... Bordeaux, France Open 12

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