Photos from coasternut (Robert Morrow)

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  • ["Reserved ticket for King of Kings"]
  • ["Ticket for Lawrence of Arabia"]
  • ["Movie ticket for the Michigan Theatre"]
  • ["Movie ticket for the Adams Theatre"]
  • ["Movie ticket for the Americana"]
  • ["Pamphlet for the grand opening of the Americana"]
  • ["Movie hand out for The Turning Point"]
  • ["back of 70MM festival flyer"]
  • ["Flyer for 70MM film festival"]
  • ["The Fairlawn showed Roadshow Reserves seat movies"]
  • ["The front to Krakatoa East of Java order form"]
  • ["Another reserved seat ticket form"]
  • ["The Eglinton showed many Reserved Seat Engagaments."]
  • ["The announcement of the new THX sound system"]
  • ["Reserved Seat Ticket Stubs"]