Movie Theaters Around the World

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
 Guyana Cinemas Guyana Cinemas Georgetown, Guyana Open 8
 Maison PVR Maison PVR Mumbai, India Open 6
109 Cinemas Futako Tamagawa 109 Cinemas Futako Tamagawa Tokyo, Japan Open 10
109 Cinemas Granberry Park 109 Cinemas Granberry Park Tokyo, Japan Open 10
109 Cinemas Kiba 109 Cinemas Kiba Tokyo, Japan Open 8
109 Cinemas Minoh 109 Cinemas Minoh Osaka, Japan Open 9
109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku 109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan Open 8
112 Katong 112 Katong Katong, Singapore Open 8
12d Extreme Cinema 12d Extreme Cinema Busselton, Australia Open 1
12th Street Cinema 12th Street Cinema Aurora, NE, United States Open 1
13-24 Drive-In 13-24 Drive-In Wabash, IN, United States Open 1
13th Avenue Warren Theatre 13th Avenue Warren Theatre Wichita, KS, United States Open 20
142 Throckmorton Theatre 142 Throckmorton Theatre Mill Valley, CA, United States Open 1
1812 Theatre 1812 Theatre Melbourne, Australia Open 1
1891 Fredonia Opera House 1891 Fredonia Opera House Fredonia, NY, United States Open 1
20th Century Cinema 20th Century Cinema Nairobi, Kenya Open 1
20th Century Flicks 20th Century Flicks Bristol, United Kingdom Open 2
20th Century Theatre 20th Century Theatre Juneau, AK, United States Open 2
20th Century Theatre 20th Century Theatre Cincinnati, OH, United States Open 1
21 Drive-In Movie 21 Drive-In Movie Van Buren, MO, United States Open 1
21st Street Warren Theatre 21st Street Warren Theatre Wichita, KS, United States Open 18
24:1 Cinema 24:1 Cinema Pagedale, MO, United States Open 4
2nd Street Cinema 2nd Street Cinema Beaumont, CA, United States Open 12
3 Luxembourg 3 Luxembourg Paris, France Open 3
3 Palmes 3 Palmes Marseille, France Open 11
3001 Kino 3001 Kino Hamburg, Germany Open 1
309 Adult Cinema and Video 309 Adult Cinema and Video Wilkes-Barre, PA, United States Open 1
35mm Cinema 35mm Cinema Moscow, Russian Federation Open 1
3Below Theaters & Lounge 3Below Theaters & Lounge San Jose, CA, United States Open 3
3M Palace Theater 3M Palace Theater Colorado City, TX, United States Open 1