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muzicman1975 commented about Whitney Theater on Sep 19, 2011 at 2:39 am

The Whitney had a snall-town charm with it’s small concessions ares always featuring free hot coffee. I filled in summers wheen the managers went on vacations or if someone was out sick. In my opinion, this wonderul piece of art in itself comes in second to the Cinemart, and followed by the Strand on Dixwell Avenue. Now they are sll gone.

muzicman1975 commented about Cinemart Theater on Sep 19, 2011 at 1:32 am

I worked at The Cinemart starting in 1973 as an usher gradually taking on various managerial responsibilities such as inventory and payroll. Upon graduation from Franklin Pierce univesity with a BS in managIement I stopped in to visit and left as the assistant manager. I was transferred in Sept. 1979mtom their aorange location. I was a newlywed and my wife and I were communicating through notes as we worked opposite shifts so I had to switch careers. Blockbuster went out of business in 2010 and that site is now occupied by Men’s Wearhouse, various retail stores, a Chinese restaurant and an Aspen Dental office. I could have sworn the original Showcase carpeting was still there. It was my first and greatest of careers. The closest theatre left was in the next town over: North haven and was also a National Amusement Theate and eventually was sold to RAVE Theatres amd the Orange location also closed. Back then, movie theatre employees were like family and the Cinemart was no less.

I recall being taken there as a child to see The sound of Music and Mary Poppins. Admission was a whopping $3.00 while the second run houses were between 75 and 99 cents. The Cinemart was thhen the classsiest theatre in the area, with seating for 1151 until they twinned it which ws a botched job. You could easily hear the dialogue from the other twin. Technology and architecture have taken care of it.

Some of my fondesr memories come from there.

I hope this conjures up some pleasant memories from other readers.