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redPen commented about Waterford Drive-In on Aug 14, 2007 at 11:56 pm

Grew up in Waterford, and went on my first drive-in date at the Waterford Drive-In. Saw many films with the family there, too! When it was abandoned and started to fall apart, I took a camera there and got some pictures of the sign, the screen and the grounds. I was planning on blowing one pic up and titling it “The Decline of Western Civilization”! I hate to see the great drive-ins go.

redPen commented about Rolling Meadows Theater on Mar 2, 2007 at 10:12 pm

I was very impressed with the design of Rolling Meadows, and I saw some outstanding “little known” (at the time!) films there, such as “Sling Blade” and the Ian MacKellen version of “Richard III.” I remember that I first got directions to the theatre because it was the only place showing “Sling Blade.” By the time I found it and got into the show, it had started. I was so awestruck by the opening interview/monologue by Billy Bob Thornton’s character Carl, I went back a few days later to watch the entire film again, just to see the first 4 or 5 minutes and the beginning of the speech!

It’s a shame that these nicer “little” theatres get swallowed up by the megaplexes (which generally have no personality), but the memories are fond.

redPen commented about Orpheum Theatre on Mar 2, 2007 at 9:06 pm

I lived just around the corner (curve) from the Orpheum, on the corner of 60th Street and 8th Avenue from November 1998 – May 1999, and I used to frequent the Orpheum. It was a great little theatre! I loved the “upstairs” screens, and those tight, narrow staircases. Made me feel like I had found a theatre no one else knew about! (In fact, I was the only patron for many screenings!) I have many fond memories of my times at the Orpheum (except for the godawful “Affliction,” which I walked out on!), and hope that it stays up forever! At least, I hope that it reopens and stays open for a few years … I’d love to visit again with my family if I get back up to Kenosha from Atlanta!

God save the Orpheum!