Photos favorited by Robbie25646

  • <p>Photo by Michael Wakely of Philadelphia taken when Raiders of the Lost Ark was shown. Copyright Michael Wakely & employed here at his request.</p>
  • <p>2005 photo by Rob Bender, copyright Friends of the Boyd, Inc.</p>
  • <p>Auditorium with a section of the 677-seat upper balcony before it was closed 1958.</p>
  • <p>Photo by Hiroshi Sugimoto</p>
  • <p>screening the 3 strip cinerama short “In The Picture” 2012</p>
  • <p>A 1980s visit to the sealed off Gehling Theatre found the film projectors still in place from the silent era and posters on the wall.</p>
  • <p>The CONGRESS Theatre auditorium on February 6, 2023. Photo: Colin Boyle</p>
  • <p>feerie des eaux</p>
              <p>christmas water stage presentation</p>
  • <p>Atmospheric Auditorium</p>
  • <p>No 2 auditorium in the former front stalls, February 2006</p>
  • <p>original curtain of the large deeply curved TODD AO screen Royal Palast later renamed screen 1</p>