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4redstone commented about Stoneham Theatre on Mar 11, 2010 at 10:47 am

Thanks for the Redstone Pic Father Nature. Not at all as I remembered it.
The last movie I saw in the Redstone Theater was Men at Work. According to a friend, the last movie he saw there was Ghost. These were both 1990 movies and it took quite a while for movies to come to Redstone, so I’m quite sure the theater was open until then.
If memory serves, the theater sat in the back of the strip plaza on the Caldor/Woolworth side surrounded by parking lots. Behind it was a hill covered in overgrowth that rose up to the residential neighborhood where I grew up. We used to cut through some neighbors’ yards to the top of this hill, and down a path to the parking lot where the theater was. I remember when they demoed the theater to make way for Shaws. When we pulled the brush aside at the top of the hill where we could stand and look down on Redstone, pile of red cushioned seats that had been ripped out of the theater seemed to be as high as the hill we were standing on. Again, the picture of Redstone seemed almost foreign to me, so who knows how big the pile really was.
“Kick Buttowski â€" Suburban Daredevil” a Disney Cartoon created by a Stoneham native will reference Redstone this upcoming season.
As for the theater in the square, I grew up in Stoneham in the 80s, and until the renovation I do not recall a time when that theater was ever open.