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aaronhoelzl commented about Loews Cinemas 20 & 287 on Mar 9, 2007 at 8:57 am

Movie Tavern was in talks with the landlord on the building and that actually lead to it being shut down. Loew’s closed both of the stores because they couldn’t afford to pay for the GM that ran both of the Arlington location on a one store budget. The the talks fell through when the landlord wanted an outragous amount of money for the building lease. Movie Tavern did however buy everything in both of the buildings that Loew’s put in. When the talks soured, they took what they wanted and then demolished everything else to make it expensive for a remodel and also so that the landlord wouldn’t try to sell what was left for some one else to open a movie theater there. It was the better of the two Arlington locations. Also becareful if you want to use the building two or three nights in the week there is bingo at the lodge in the center and they all parking and make it hard for your customers.