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BobBro commented about Crest Theatre on Jul 6, 2018 at 10:12 am

That was Mr. Francis. Although, I don’t recall him balding. He had curly hair. He loved the kids and would put on a Saturday kid’s show every week. He refused to play monster movies because he said our mothers would complain. But they always showed a film, “Crazy Races”, about ten or twelve cartoons (the last one they would run upside down and backwards) and they had birthday cake for any kids who had a birthday during the week. He would stand on the stage with a microphone after the movie and give out the cake and prizes for those who had the winning number for “Crazy Races.” Very fond memories.

BobBro commented about Atlantic Theater on Jul 6, 2018 at 10:08 am

I remember seeing “Dr. No” at the Atlantic. That was probably 1962 or 63. Also went there for some Saturday matinees when I was younger. It was affiliated with the Lakewood Theater (on East Carson Street) at that time. I grew up in California Heights and my grandparents lived in Bixby Knolls. So the Towne and the Crest were my mainstays. But I have always been fascinated with movie theaters, even when I was a kid, and wanted to go to a movie in every theater in Long Beach.