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Ozie Tessier owner of the Rialto and Royal theaters

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July 1945 Motion Picture Showmen “Although there was tough sledding those days, I had a hunch back in 1907 that the film business would be good to follow,” declares Oze Tessier. Sticking with it did pay dividends. Today Tessier operates the Royal and Rialto in New Bedford Mass. His daughter, Telly , married to Russell Turner, assists as casher. Tessier’s hobbies are a 12-acre farm, raising purebred horses and gardening. “It took patience in the old days, but I knew things would improve and today it’s a pleasure,” says Tessier. The farm is at South Dartmouth.

Motion Picture Showmen A Compilation of Biographies Copyright 1945 Boxoffice Magazine Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer