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DawnTurner commented about Forest Theatre on Apr 1, 2008 at 4:16 pm

I used to live nearby. When I was in High School (late 80s) I would always see what was playing at the Forest. They would show films that were already out in video. But we went because the atmosphere of the cinema was great. I think the cost was around $3.00. A little old lady sat in the front booth and sold the tickets, we’d walk in the doors and an old man would take the ticket back. He didn’t give you a stub or stamp your hand. First thing you’d see was the consession stand within the theater. You’d never miss a moment of the film if you wanted refreshments during the film. They didn’t show previews or advertisements. They just started the film. The chairs were all on a level floor. They had 4 or 6 ceiling fans (which look to be gone by the time the photos in were taken). There was only one shop on the left of the entrance doors. The grounds around the building were paved with no landscaping. Two films that I remember seeing there were National Lampoon’s European Vacation and Field of Dreams. The theater is not in a great location within the town, but it is near the University of New Haven. I haven’t been back to West Haven in years, so I don’t know what the status of the theater is now. Maybe you don’t care about my reminiscences, but isn’t it the nostalgia in all of us that makes us care about these old wonderful theaters?