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justint commented about Interstate Theatre on Sep 7, 2011 at 2:35 pm

I worked at this theater as a high school kid in 1993. The manager’s name was Mike, who usually had a mustache and was a smart guy, getting his masters in accounting or finance at the time. Mike intentionally ran the theater clocks a few minutes fast in an effort to get people moving into and out of the theater faster. Once or twice someone would have an issue and demand a refund because they walked into the theater on-time but the film had already begun lol. I usually worked the candy counter, and we didn’t have a cash register; we had just a money box and a calculator, which seemed pretty olden in the 1990s. We would count popcorn bins and soda cups at night’s end and had to be within a couple dollars of what our take said we sold. We had a good group of people working there, and even though I only worked there for eight months, many memories have stayed with me. Great community movie theater.