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markalson commented about Strand Theater on Oct 2, 2012 at 6:55 am

I grew up in Canton during the 40' and 50’s and loved to go up town where there was some great movie theaters. as a kid during the sumer you could get into the strand for 10 cents pluse a 10 cents for popcorn and a nickle for a candy bar what could be better? In 1955 I lived on Mckinly Ave SW and some times I would go to the Hamburger Inn, across from the train Station anf buy a bag full of there 15 cent hambers and take to the movies. The Strand showed mostly 2d run “b” movies a lot of westerns which I miss today. I joined the army in 1956 and the next time I made it back to Canton, the Strand was gone along with several other theaters. Canton was on it’s slide down hill and that is a shame it was a great place to grow up in the fifties.