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MWoods commented about Dream Theater on Feb 11, 2013 at 1:38 pm

Just found this site, great comments and memories.I was lucky enough to find the 812(Rocky Horror/Yellow Sub)and then the Dream.Both places always gave great memories of good times(Mty High'68).Many Years later I was lucky/ unlucky enough to be assisting the demolition co. after they took possesion. I was asked what I might like from the theater after doing the owners a favor.I could not believe they were going to destroy everything!I told them the seats could have been auctioned in the parking lot along w/doors,lites,etc. The demo crew was from out of town- didn’t know anything about either theaters history or importance to locals.Long story short- I rescued all that I could, some light fixtures,the carved solid redwood double front doors, a single door (w/porthole),also the carved vine uprights and crossbeam that were holding up the balcony over the snackbar.(paid crew $100.00 to rem- ove structural beam)I also took cedar shakes from the out side wall and one of the outside porch railings. I wanted to save the whole theater- very sad when the excavators came and started putting it in dumpsters. I think people should know that some of the last remaining remnants of the 812 Cinema and the Dream Theater have been saved,and built into a beautiful barn house next to the Kootenai River, Mt. I’m sad to say we will be putting the house on the market in April. A great opportunity for someone else!