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NanYoung commented about South #1 Drive-In on Sep 27, 2016 at 1:09 am

This comment is posted in reference to posting by member eburleso posted on this site referencing movie theatres across the United States. His comment was dated April 23, 2015 and reflects on his knowledge of the Drive-in movie theatre in Cary, North Carolina and its owner, J. T. McSwain.

I found the writings of the author to be extremely knowledgeable, personal and precise. I, too, had met J. T. McSwain, only once in my life, at the personal request of Edward Spirn Burleson. It was in the latter part of the 1960’s.

I am a website designer and I often research various articles on many topics. I came across this article in my research and realized, after reading it several times, that I actually knew the parties involved. You see, I was married to the author in the late sixties. We went our separate ways, and I moved to the State of New York and never heard from him again.

After so many years, I often thought about what happened to him. I never knew, nor did he ever convey to me, the turmoil that he had experienced at the hands of this pedophile. He kept it, as his article references, a deep dark secret. Those times are almost 50 years now. What a dark shadow to live through and carry throughout anyone’s life. What I read in his posting has given me, finally, an understanding of who he was when I married him. I wish him well.

Nan Young

I am in hopes that the author, who so intimately shared his re-visit to the trailer park and movie theatre, has a certain peace of mind, after physically standing in front of the buildings and