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troy commented about Town & Country Theater on Mar 20, 2015 at 11:44 am

Saw Krakato East of Java there and Herbie The Love Bug for 8 straight weeks .My father was the projectionist there Tom Taylor when I was young and mom was fed up with me i was sent to work with my Dad and yes Herbie played for 8 straight weeks not a fun summer but the memories will never go

troy commented about Meridian Quad 6 on Mar 20, 2015 at 11:41 am

Grew up here with my Dad Tom Taylor Tom the Bomb Was my punishment to go to the movies with him if mom was done with us.He passed away recently but my memories of steak sandwiches in the both on a hot plate and having my own chair upstairs that he built for me so I could watch the movies from the booth. To the back room with all the movie posters i could look at for days .Omega man and the house that drips blood miss him love the memories Thankyou very much

troy commented about Camera 1 on Mar 20, 2015 at 11:33 am

I grew up here with my Dad. He managed and showed the movies when it was the Pussycat . Tom Taylor was his name. he later went on to show all those Kung fu movies thats when i was able to go with him. my punishment as a kid when mom was done with us was to go to the movies with my Dad.You dont know now that he pasted away last year how many memories this place brings back.From the old time booth with the dual projectors with the old reels of film he would have to rewind(those days are gone lol).From the scary back rooms behind the booth that scared my sister and I when we went thru them. went from a 7th grade reading level during one summer of subtitles to a 12th grade reading level hahaha. One really clear memeory was when a sign language film came in from Japan and a big plan was to bring in some hearing impaired kids to come down and enjoy a movie with sign language even one of our close friends signed up his sons school to go .Only one problem the sign language was in Japanese and no one could understand it all .100’s of deaf people talking loud during a movie wondering why they were there . My Dad was just laughning his ass off at the comical situation the best laid plans sometimes dont work out at all. I just found this sight and I lived most of my childhood at these places.Changing speakers at the Frontere Village Drive in or at the Capitol drive in .The Mereidian Quad in San Jose starnge way to be punished to have to go to the movies but 8 weeks of Herbie the Love Bug will make you listen to your mom hahahah Thanks fro helping me remeber him and what we had in my youth between the two of us Thanks