Nile Theatre

1721 19th Street,
Bakersfield, CA 93301

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stevenj on January 6, 2024 at 3:07 pm

From SFGate:

“Bakersfield art deco theater back after years as a church A once-forgotten art deco theater is lighting up downtown Bakersfield again.”


Should be listed as open.

kpdennis on May 7, 2018 at 10:11 am

Recent pictures posted in the Photo section – May, 2018.

popcorn_pete on February 21, 2018 at 11:13 am

Appears to have been in use as a church as of September 2017.

DavidZornig on November 29, 2015 at 7:59 pm

Photo as Bakersfield Opera House 1910 added.

Also original facade photo circa 1928 added. Courtesy of Mark Mcgowan. Possibly the same from the 2008 post, but the link no longer reaches the photo.

milanp on May 13, 2011 at 5:46 am

Some of those double-features are positively surreal!
Thanks for posting thjem, Plinfesty.
This sounds like the perfect neighborhood theater—if your neighborhood is on Mars.
I positively love it!

Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers on December 3, 2010 at 2:01 pm

Two VERY different types of Films,Wouldn’t get much walk over in one sells out!

plinfesty on December 3, 2010 at 1:09 pm

That should be
(2/18/76: Theatre closed for TWINNING)
The theatre would reopen on Friday, March 26 with Theatre 1 showing BARRY LYNDON and theatre 2 showing I WILL, I WILL…FOR NOW and WHIFFS

plinfesty on December 3, 2010 at 1:07 pm

1975-76 Bookings:
2/19/75: Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins; A Man For Hanging
3/05/75: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore; Summertime Killer
3/21/75: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore; Our Time
3/26/75: My Pleasure is My Business; Little Laura and Big John
4/02/75: The Yakuza; Hot Rock
4/09/75: The Streetfighter; Hard Contract
4/23/75: Chinatown; The Conversation
4/30/75: The Prisoner of Second Avenue; C.C. and Company
5/07/75: Dirty Harry; Mahgnum Force
5/28/75: Enter the Dragon; Red Sun
6/04/75: Gone With the Wind
6/11/75: Lepke; McQ
6/18/75: Bug; SSSSSSS
6/25/75: The Drowning Pool; The 7-Ups
7/02/75: The Drowning Pool; Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins
7/09/75: Mandingo; The Klansman
7/16/75: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad; Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo
7/23/75: Return To Macon County; Mr. Majestyk
7/30/75: Night Moves; Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York
8/06/75: Doc Savage; Westworld
8/13/75: White Line Fever; The Stepford Wives
8/20/75: Black Christmas; The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
8/27/75: Black Christmas; Enter the Devil
9/03/75: Tidal Wave; Cooley High
9/10/75: The Wild McCullochs; Macon County Line
9/17/75: The Exorcist; Zardoz
(9/19-9/20/75: Midnight: Journey Through the Past; Jimi Plays Berkeley; Rock n Roll Your __________)
10/01/75: Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold; Capone
10/08/75: A Clockwork Orange; Deliverence (added: Ali vs. Frazier Superfight III)
10/15/75: Coonskin; Return of the Dragon
10/22/75: Let’s Do It Again; Brannigan
11/05/75: Crazy Mama; 2nd feature
11/12/75: Lisztomania; 5 Fingers of Death
(11/14-11/15/75: Midnight: Yessongs; Fillmore; Gimme Shelter)
11/19/75: Gone In 60 Seconds; Outer Space Connection
11/26/75: Gone in 60 Seconds; Return To Macon County
12/10/75: Wild Heritage; George!
12/17/75: Lenny; Last Tango in Paris
(12/24/75: Theatre closed)
12/25/75: Dog Day Afternoon; The Drowning Pool
1/21/76: Dog Day Afternoon; Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
2/04/76: Dog Day Afternoon; Born Losers
2/11/76:The Sunshine Boys; Kotch
(2/18/75: Theatre closed for TWINNING)

plinfesty on November 26, 2010 at 10:48 pm

1974 bookings:
2/13/74: Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street; Joe Kidd
2/20/74: The New Land; The Culpepper Cattle Co.
2/27/74: McQ; Bad Company
3/13/74: Blazing Saddles; The Train Robbers
3/29/74: The Exorcist
6/07/74: Black Eye; Cleopatra Jones
6/14/74: Badlands; The Deadly Trackers
6/21/74: Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry; Emperor of the North
6/28/74: Mame
7/05/74: Mame; Just Like a Woman
7/10/74: Mame; Take the Money and Run
7/17/74: Our Time; Head of the Family
7/24/74: The Terminal Man; Bad Man’s River
7/31/74: Zandy’s Bride; Young Rounders
8/07/74: Uptown Saturday Night; Pocket Money
8/28/74: Cold Sweat; Captain Apache
9/11/74: Black Sampson; 2nd feature
9/18/74: Little Fauss and Big Halsey; 2nd feature
9/25/74: The Godfather; Santee
10/02/74: The Groove tube; Taste of Death
10/16/74: It’s Alive; The Grovve Tube
11/01/74: The Abdication; The Public Eye
11/08/74: Uptown Saturday Night; The Public Eye
11/13/74: Shanghai Lil and the Sun Luck Kid; Man of Iron
11/20/74: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Return of the Dragon
11/27/74: The Klansman; High Plains Drifter
(12/06/74: Sneak preview)
12/11/74: Don’t Turn the Other Cheek; Kid Blue
12/18/74: The Teacher; Policewomen
12/25/74: Freebie and the bean; Macho Callahan

plinfesty on November 26, 2010 at 7:21 pm

1973 bookings:
3/21/73: Travels With My Aunt; Skyjacked
3/28/73: Jeremiah Johnson; Sometimes a Great Notion
4/18/73: The Train Robbers; The Doberman Gang
5/02/73: The Great Waltz; When the Legends Die
5/09/73: The Thief Who Came To Dinner; 2nd feature
5/16/73: Slither; Criminal Affair
5/23/73: Soylent Green; Lolly-Madonna
6/06/73: Class of ‘44;; The Young Graduates
6/20/73: The Emigrants; Shoot-out
6/27/73: Cahill, unites States Marshall; The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid
7/18/73: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid; Two Lane Blacktop
8/02/73: Scarecrow; Ulazanna’s Raid
8/16/73: The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing; Red Sky At Morning
9/05/73: White Lightning; Scorpio
9/12/73: The Legend of Hell House; Night of the Living Dead
9/19/73: The Last of Sheila; Pancho Villa
9/26/73: The Mackintosh Man; Trader Horn
10/10/73: Blume in Love; I Love My…Wife
10/17/73: Enter the Dragon; Boot Hill
11/07/73: Oh, Lucky Man; Badge 373
11/14/73: Scarecrow; The Last of Sheila
11/21/73: The Deadly Trackers; Fear is the Key
12/05/73: A Touch of Class; Showdown
12/12/73: The Sacred Knives of Vengeance; Five Fingers of Death
12/19/73: A Fiklm About Jimi Hendrix; Celebration at Big Sur
12/25/73: Magnum Force; Moonfire

plinfesty on November 26, 2010 at 7:10 pm

1972 bookings:
2/16/72: The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight; Zig-Zag
2/23/72: Summer of ‘42; Klute
3/15/72: Clay Pigeon; Believe in Me
(3/18-3/19/72: MGM Children’s Mat: Gypsy Colt; 3 cartoons)
3/22/71: The Boyfriend; Hang 'Em High
3/29/72: The Boyfriend; Chandler
4/05/72: Snow Job; Sitting Target
4/12/72: Death in Venice; The Madwoman of Chaillot
4/19/72: Dealing: or the Berkeley-to-Boston ourty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues; Such Good Friends
4/26/72: The Carey Treatment; The McMasters
5/03/72: Cool Breeze; The Split
5/10/72: Kotch; Harold and Maude
5/17/72: Weekend Murders; The Black Belly of the Tarantula
5/24/72: Skyjacked; something big
6/14/72: The Cowboys; Blue Water, White Death
6/21/72: The Cowboys; The Last Run
8/16/72: What’s Up, Doc?; The Out-of-Towners
9/20/72: Come Back Charleston Blue; Man and Boy
9/27/72: Portnoy’s Complaint; Get To Know Your Rabbit
10/04/72: Kansas City Bomber; On Any Sunday
10/25/72: The Candidate; The Groundstar Conspiracy
11/01/72: Shaft’s Big Score; Night of the Lepus
11/08/72: Gone With the Wind; A Gunfight
11/15/72: 2001: a Space Odyssey; The Star-Spangled Girl
11/22/72: Ryan’s Daughter; Jenny
11/29/72: Doctor Zhivago; Me, Natalie
12/06/72: Dracula A.D. 1972; Crescendo
12/13/72: Elvis on Tour; One Is a Lonely Number
12/22/72: Deliverance; Fireball Jungle
12/29/72: Deliverence; McCabe and Mrs. Miller

plinfesty on November 26, 2010 at 6:57 pm

1971 bookings:
1/06/71: Threesome; Sex and the College Girl
1/13/71: Flap; Soldier Blue
1/20/71: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever; The Out-Of-Towners
1/27/71: Alex in Wonderland; Johnny Cash
2/03/71: Get Carter; Dirty Dingus Magee
2/10/71: Brewster McCloud; WUSA
2/17/71: The Miracle of Love; Interplay
2/24/71: Airport; Two Mules For Sister Sara
3/17/71: Catch-22; The Adventurers
3/24/71: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth; Trog
3/31/71: My Fair Lady
4/07/71: My Fair Lady; Yours, Mine and Ours
4/14/71: Waterloo; Darling Lili
4/28/71: The Priest’s Wife; The Student Nurses
5/05/71: Gone With the Wind; How the West Was Won
5/12/71: THX 1138; Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
5/19/71: Pretty Maides All in a Row; The Baby Maker
5/26/71: Mad Dogs and Englishmen (“see 4-track stereo”); Festival
6/02/71: Percy; Brotherly Love
6/09/71: Villain; Hail! Mafia
6/16/71: 2001: a Space Odyssey; Far From a Madding Crowd
6/23/71: Zeppelin; Chisum
6/30/71: Wild Rovers; Kelly’s Heroes
7/07/71: Ryan’s Daughter (featurette: Snow Dream)
8/04/71: Klute; The Arrangement
8/18/71: Summer of ‘42; The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
9/01/71: McCabe and Mrs. Miller; There Was a Crooked Man
9/08/71: The Omega Man; THX 1138
9/22/71: Night of Dark Shadows; House of Dark Shadows
9/29/71: Dusty and Sweets Magee; 2nd feature
10/06/71: The Last Run; A Man Called Sledge
1/13/71: Billy Jack; The Deserter
10/27/71: Doctor Zhivago (featurette: Waterbirds)
11/03/71: Catlow; Wild Rovers
11/10/71: Skin Game; Zeppelin
11/17/71: Going Home; Friends
11/24/71: Man in the Wilderness; The Racing Scene
12/01/71: The Devils; The Seven Minutes
12/08/71: Fortune and Men’s Eyes; How To Succeed with Sex
12/15/71: African Safari; Black Beauty; The Young Graduates
12/22/71: African Safari; Black Beauty
12/25/71: Dirty Harry; The Delta Factor

plinfesty on November 26, 2010 at 6:38 pm

1970 bookings:
1/14/70: The Madwoman of Chaillot; Secret Ceremony
1/21/70: Midnight Cowboy; The First Time
1/28/70: Funny Girl; Follow Me
2/04/70: The Last of the Mobile Hot Shots; Lock Up Your Daughters
2/11/70: Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed; Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
2/18/70: …tick…tick…tick…; Kiss the Other Sheik
2/25/70: Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice; Castle Keep
3/04/70: Easy Rider; Thank You All Very Much
3/18/70: The Ballad of Cable Hogue; 100 Rifles
3/25/70: Ben-Hur
4/08/70: Goodbye, Mr. Chips (featurette: Hang Your Hat on the Wind)
4/15/70: Goodbye, Mr. Chips; The Impossible Years
4/22/70: Gone With the Wind
4/29/70: The 5-Man Army; Flareup
5/06/70: Naked Under Leather; The Wild Bunch
5/13/70: The Damned; A Black Veil For Lisa
5/20/70: Bullitt; Bonnie and Clyde
5/27/70: 2001: a Space Odyssey; Ride the High Wind
6/03/70: Zabriskie Point; Blow-Up
6/10/70: True Grit; The Sterile Cuckoo
6/17/70: The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart; Joy House
6/24/70: Captain Nemo and the underwater City; Ice Station Zebra
7/01/70: How the West Was Won; The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm
7/08/70: The Moonshine War; Grand Prix
7/15/70: Woodstock
8/12/70: Which Way To the Front?; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
8/19/70: Chisum; Moon Zero Two
9/02/70: Kelly’s Heroes; The Moonshine Wars
9/09/70: Kelly’s Heroes; Captain Nemo and the Underwater City
9/16/70: The Strawberry Statement; The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart
9/23/70: Trog; Taste the Blood of Dracula
9/30/70: Start the Revolution Without Me; 80 Steps To Jonah
10/07/70: Hotel; Cool Hand Luke
10/14/70: Giant; Harper
10/21/70: Performance; The Grasshopper
10/28/70: House of Dark Shadows; Topaz
11/04/70: The Traveling Exectutioner; Zig Zag
11/11/70: Woodstock; Let It Be
11/18/70: Dirty Dingus Magee; 2nd feature
12/02/70: No Blade of Grass; The Walking Stick
12/09/70: Rabbit, Run; Ballad of Cable Hogue
12/16/70: Elvis: That’s the Way It Is; Downhill Racer
12/25/70: There Was a Crooked Man…; R.P.M.

plinfesty on July 12, 2010 at 8:11 pm

1969 Bookings:
1/22/69: The Impossible Years; With Six You Get Eggroll (xtra: Rowen & Martin At the Movies)
1/29/69: The Sergeant; Great Catherine
2/05/69: Bullitt; The Trygon Factor
2/26/69: The Shoes of the Fisherman (featurette: From Sea to Ski)
3/05/69: The Shoes of the Fisherman (featurette: Alpine Glory)
3/19/69: The Subject Was Roses; The Detective
3/26/69: Where Eagles Dare
4/09/69: Where Eagles Dare; The Money Jungle
4/16/69: The Fixer; The Subject Was Roses
4/23/69: The Dirty Dozen; Grand Prix
4/30/69: The Brotherhood; The Wrecking Crew
5/07/69: Mayerling; Lady in Cement
5/14/69: The Big Bounce; The Sweet Body of Deborah
5/21/69: The Illustrated Man; They Came to Rob Las Vegas
5/28/69: Finian’s Rainbow (featurette: The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle)
6/11/69: Bullitt; Cool Hand Luke
6/18/69: Ice Station Zebra; Kenner
7/02/69: The Green Berets; Bonnie and Clyde
7/09/69: The Wild Bunch; The Big Cube
7/30/69: The Maltese Bippy; The Extroadinary Seaman
8/06/69: 2001: a Space Odyssey
9/03/69: The Green Slime; The Fearless Vampire Killers (cartoon)
9/10/69: The Great Train Robbery; The Great Race; cartoon
9/17/69: On My Way to the Crusades, I Met a Girl Who…; The Valley of Gwangi; cartoon
9/24/69: Bullitt; Bonnie & Clyde
10/01/69: The trouble With Girls; Heaven With a Gun (cartoon)
10/08/69: The Good Guys and the Bad Guys; Seven Golden Men (cartoon)
10/15/69: A Stranger in Town; The Stranger returns
10/22/69: The Learning Tree; If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
10/29/69: The Best House in London; The Love Factory
11/05/69: Marlowe; 2000 Years Later
11/12/69: The Rain People; The Fox
11/19/69: The Royal Hunt of the Sun; The April Fools
11/26/69: The Gypsy Moths; Run, Angel, Run!
12/03/69: A Place For Lovers; Alfred the Great
12/10/69: Once You Kiss a Stranger; The Seagull
12/17/69: Romeo and Juliet; The Italian Job
12/25/69: The Arrangement; Killers Three

plinfesty on July 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm

1968 Bookings:
1/17/68: Reflections in a Golden Eye; The Tiger and the Pussycat
1/31/68: Wait Until Dark; Rough Night in Jericho
2/14/68: The Comedians (short: The Beauty and the Bull)
2/21/68: The Comedians; Murderer’s Row
2/28/68: The Biggest Bundle of Them All; More Than a Miracle
3/06/68: The Penthouse; Waterhole No. 3
3/13/68: Firecreek; Beach Red
3/20/68: Far From the Madding Crowd; The Restless Breed
4/03/68: The Power; The Unsinkable Molly Brown
4/10/68: Bonnie and Clyde; The Shuttered Room
5/01/68: Stay Away Joe; Sol Madrid
5/08/68: A Stranger in Town; A Man Called Dagger
5/15/68: Guns For San Sebastian; Our Mother’s House
5/22/68: Sweet November; Reflections of a Golden Eye
5/29/68: Half a Sixpence; Buckskin
6/05/68: Battle Beneath the Earth; Day of the Evil Gun
6/12/68: The Fox; The Birds, the Bees and the Italians
7/03/68: The Green Berets (featurette: The Blue Danube)
8/07/68: Speedway; Countdown
8/14/68: Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?; Sergeant Ryker
8/21/68: Dark of the Sun; Chubasco
8/28/68: Petulia; A Fine Madness
9/04/68: Planet of the Apes; Fantastic Voyage
9/18/68: The Stranger Returns; Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River
9/25/68: The Odd Couple; Villa Rides!
10/02/68: Rachel, Rachel; Bye Bye Braverman
(10/05/68, 10/06/68: Matinee: Heidi; cartoons)
10/09/68: The Legend of Lylah Claire; For Singles Only
10/16/68: The Split; Anzio
10/23/68: I Love you, Alice B. Toklas; The Swimmer
10/30/68: Live a Little, Love a Little; Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter
11/06/68: Gone With the Wind
12/18/68: The Young Runaways; A Time to Sing
12/25/68: Camelot (short: Sky Over Holland)

plinfesty on July 12, 2010 at 7:32 pm

1967 Bookings:
1/06/67: Road to Nashville; The Wild Angels
1/11/67: The Venetian Affair; Seconds (added: Football Highlights of 1966)
1/18/67: Penelope; The Alphabet Murders
1/25/67: Is Paris Burning?; Red Tomahawk
2/01/67: Is Paris Burning?; Rage
2/08/67: A Covenant With Death; Battle of the Bulge
2/15/67: Hot Rods To Hell; One Spy Too Many
2/22/67: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?; Women Who Wouldn’t Die
3/01/67: Alfie; The Naked Prey
3/15/67: Doctor, You’ve got To Be Kidding!; Son of a Gunfighter
3/22/67: Hotel; Harper
3/29/67: The Corrupt Ones; Mondo Balordo
3/29/67: Funeral in Berlin; Return of the 7
4/12/67: Blow-Up; Murder Most Foul
4/26/67: Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?; Who’s Got the Action
5/03/67: A Countess From Hong Kong; Gambit
5/10/67: The 25th Hour; Three Bites of the Apple
5/17/67: Welcome to Hard Times; Easy Come, Easy Go!
5/24/67: A Man and a Woman; The Wrong Box
6/07/67: Triple Cross; The Cool One
6/14/67: Doctor Zhivago
7/19/67: The Dirty Dozen
8/30/67: Up the Down Staircase; Hotel
9/13/67: The Family Way; Feelin' Good
9/20/67: The Bobo; The Naked Runner
9/27/67: Emily (AKA The Americanization of…); Circle of Love
10/04/67: Bonnie and Clyde; The Viscount
10/11/67: Eye of the Devil; Johnny Yuma
10/18/67: Point Blank; The Fastest Guitar Alive
11/01/67: Jack of Diamonds; Two Weeks in September
11/08/67: The Last Challenge; Flame and the Fire
11/15/67: Cool Hand Luke; Shatterhand
11/29/67: Hawaii
12/06/67: The Girl and the General; Woman Times Seven
12/13/67: The Dirty Dozen; The Savage Pampas
12/20/67: Grand Prix

plinfesty on July 8, 2010 at 7:00 pm

1966 Bookings:
1/26/66: Tom Jones; Irma La Douce
2/02/66: Thunderball; Go Go Mania
2/16/66: Inside Daisy Clover; Marriage on the Rocks
2/23/66: Inside Daisy Clover; The Wild Seed
3/02/66: The Loved One; Day and the Hour
3/09/66: The Loved One; The Music Man
(3/12/66: Sneak Preview)
3/14/66: A Patch of Blue; Where the Spies Are
3/23/66: A Patch of Blue; The Americanization of Emily
3/30/66: My Fair Lady
(5/07/66: Sneak Preview)
5/18/66: Made in Paris; The Cincinatti Kid
5/25/66: Frankie and Johnny; Wild Wild Winter
6/01/66: Frankie and Johnny; Las Vegas Hillbillys
6/08/66: Promise Her Anything; The Naked Prey
6/15/66: Stagecoach; Spacefligth IC-1
6/22/66: Stagecoach; Flight of the Phoenix
6/29/66: Arabesque; A Man Could Get Killed
7/06/66: Arabesque; A Thousand Clowns
7/13/66: Nevada Smith; All the Way (AKA The Joker’s Wild)
8/03/66: Duel at Diablo; Fantomas
8/10/66: The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming; Hold On!
8/24/66: Lady L; The Secret Seven
(8/27/66: Sneak Preview)
8/31/66: The Glass-Bottom Boat; Around the World Under the Sea
9/14/66: Marco the Magnificent; The Rounders
9/21/66: The Money Trap; How the West Was Won
9/28/66: Chamber of Horrors; The Embalmer
10/05/66: Mister Buddwing; Bachelor in Paradise
10/12/66: An American Dream; A Fine Madness
10/19/66: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Butterfield 8
10/26/66: Kaleidoscope; A Big Hand For the Little Lady
11/02/66: The liquidator; The Oscar
11/09/66: Not With My Wife, You Don’t; Assault on a Queen (short: Hollywood’s Star-Spangled Revue)
11/23/66: Spinout; The Bounty Hunter
11/30/66: Gigi; 3 On a Couch
12/07/66: Hotel Paradiso; Dead Heat On a Merry-Go-Round
12/14/66: Texas Across the River; Shenandoah
12/28/66: Any Wednesday; The Swinger

plinfesty on June 19, 2010 at 9:44 am

1965 bookings:
1/13/65: The Unsinkable Molly Brown; Viva Las Vegas!
1/20/65: The Pumpkin Eater; Lilith
1/27/65: Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte; Back Door To Hell
2/03/65: That Man From Rio; Joy House
2/10/65: That Man from Rio; 633 Squadron
2/17/65: None But the Brave; The Young Lovers
2/24/65: None but the Brave; Ice Palace
3/03/65: Strange Bedfellows; Station Six Sahara
3/17/65: Dear Brigitte; The Second Time Around
3/24/65: Dear Heart; Act One
3/31/65: My Blood Runs Cold; Robin and the 7 Hoods
4/07/65: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (5/5-5/8: added live on stage: Bakersfield Chapter Barbershop Quartet)
5/12/65: Harlow (Electrivision version); A Swingin' Affair
5/19/65: Harlow; Kings Go Forth
5/26/65: The Satan Bug; Bus Riley’s Back in Town
6/02/65: Circus World (Featurette: A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood)
6/09/65: Circus World; The Nutty Professor
6/23/65: Mister Moses; Behold a Pale Horse
6/30/65: The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders; The Carpetbaggers
7/07/65: The Art of Love; Panic Button
7/14/65: The Art of Love; The Hustler
7/21/65: Shenandoah; McHale’s Navy Joins the Air Force (Bugs Bunny cartoon)
8/04/65: The Sandpiper; In Trouble With Eve
8/25/65: A Very Special Favor; Flower Drum Song
9/08/65: Imitation of Life; A Very Special Favor
9/15/65: Zorba the Greek (featurette: Casey at the Met)
9/22/65: Zorba the Greek; 36 Hours
9/29/65: I Saw What You Did; The Naked Brigade
10/06/65: The Third Day; Cheyenne Autumn
10/13/65: Laurel and Hardy’s Laughing ‘20’s; Roustabout
10/20/65: La Boheme (La Scala Opera Company)
10/22/65: Having a Wild Weekend; The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
10/27/65: The Hill; Zebra in the Kitchen
11/03/65: The Hill; Lili
11/10/65: The Hill; Mutiny on the Bounty
11/17/65: Sands of the Kalahari; In Harm’s Way
11/24/65: Harum Scarum; Your Cheatin’ Heart
12/01/65: The Nanny; The Return of Mr. Moto
12/08/65: Who Killed Teddy Bear?; The Ghost
12/15/65: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World; How to Murder Your Wife
12/22/65: Where the boys Meet the girls; The Secret of My Success
12/29/65: The Hallelujah Trail (Pink Panther cartoon; Football Highlights ‘65)

plinfesty on June 15, 2010 at 8:11 am

1964 Bookings:
1/15/64: Stolen Hours; Twice Told Tales (added Fri-Tue: On Stage: Dr. X – the Man With the X-Ray Mind)
1/22/64: The Barefoot Contessa; Love Me or Leave Me
1/29/64: Dead Ringer; Dr. Crippen
2/09/64: Brigadoon; An American in Paris
2/14/64: Come Blow Your Horn; Donovan’s Reef
2/19/64: El Cid; 55 Days at Peking
2/26/64: America America; The Fastest Gun Alive
3/04/64: Alone Against Rome; The Witch’s Curse
3/08/64: King of kings 9selected shorts)
3/13/64: Under the Yum Yum Tree; Lover Come Back
3/18/64: The Incredible Mr. Limpet; It’s Only Money
4/01/64: Flight From Ashiya; The Big Risk
4/08/64: Charade; Lonely Are the Brave
4/15/64: Tom Jones (featurette: Philbert; Travelogue)(4 weeks,5 days)
(4/29/64: Sneak Preview – probably From Russia With Love)
(5/06/10: Sneak Preview)
(5/08/64: Sneak Preview)
(5/15/64: Sneak Preview)
5/17/64: Irma La Douce; Some Like It Hot
5/27/64: From Russia With Love; Ladybug, Ladybug
6/03/64: From Russia With Love; The Wheeler Dealers
6/10/64: A Distant Trumpet; Rampage
6/17/64: The Pink Pantgher; Sunday in New York
7/01/64: The World of Henry Orient; One Man’s Way (short: The Beatles Come To Town)
7/08/64: Fun in Acapulco; Who’s Minding the Store?
7/15/64: For those Who Think Young; Muscle Beach Party
7/22/64: 633 Squadron; The Young Savages
7/29/64: Robin and the 7 Hoods; FBI Code 98
8/12/64: A Hard Day’s Night; Aliki – My Love
8/19/64: The 7th Dawn; McKlintock
8/26/64: The killers; The Dreammaker
9/02/64: The Great Escape; Elmer Gantry
9/09/64: Seven Days in May; Love With the Proper Stranger
9/17/64: Tom Jones; Paris When It Sizzles!
9/23/64: Hamlet (Electronivion – projected in 35mm) (2 Days)
9/25/64: Woman of Straw; The Ceremony
9/30/64: The Secret Invasion; Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?
10/06/64: Naughty Marietta (MGM Operetta and classics series)
10/07/64: Mondo Cane; The Ugly American
10/13/64: David Copperfield (MGM operetta and classics series)
10/14/64: Kisses For My President; Captain Newman, M.D.
10/20/64: The Student Prince (MGM operatte and classics series)
10/21/64: Invitation To a Gunfighter; The Long Ships (short – Dave Clark 5)
10/27/64: pride and prejudice (MGM operetta and classics series)
10/28/64: A Shot in the Dark; The Best Man
11/03/64: Maytime (MGM operettas and classics)
11/04/64: A Shot in the Dark; The Best Man
11/11/64: Topkapi; The Caddy (cartoon)
11/17/64: A Tale of Two Cities; The Firefly (MGM classics and operettas)
11/18/64: Topkapi; The New Interns
11/24/64: Little Women; Bittersweet (MGM classics and operettas)
11/25/64: Youngblood Hawke; Good Neighbor Sam
12/11/64: Quo Vadis; Tarzan Goes To India
12/18/64: A Hard Day’s Night; For Those Who Think Young
12/25/64: Sex and the Single Girl; Ready For the People
(12/26 (11a, 12midnight), 12/28 (11a), 12/29 (11a) The TAMI Show)

plinfesty on May 31, 2010 at 11:39 pm

1963 bookings:
1/16/63: Gypsy (shorts-The Wonder of Dallas; cartoon-I Was a Teenage bum, news)
2/06/63: A Child is Waiting; Dead to the World
2/13/63: Term of Trial; Convicts 4
2/20/63: West Side Story (featurette: Jacqueline Kennedy’s Asian Journey)
3/13/63: Days of Wine and Roses; Bad Day at Black Rock
4/03/63: Two for the Seesaw; Count Martial
(4/10/63: morning show: King of Kings)
4/10/63: Critic’s Choice; Blue Hawaii
4/24/63: The Miracle Worker; Sweet Bird of Youth
4/26/63: Diary of a Madman; Amazons of Rome
5/01/63: Hatari; Girls! Girls! Girls!
5/08/63: Giant; A Summer Place
5/14/63: MGM Operetta Series: Naughty Marietta
5/15/63: Love Is a Ball; The Big Money
5/21/63: MGM Operetta Series: The Student Prince
5/22/63: Escape From Fort Bravo; Ride, Vaquero!
5/28/63: MGM Operetta Series: Maytime
5/29/63: Dr. No; A Cold Wind in August
6/04/63: MGM Operetta Series: Brigadoon
6/05/63: Island of Love; Annie Get Your Gun
6/11/63: MGM Operetta Series: The Firefly
6/12/63: The Smashing of the Reich; Kamikaze
6/18/63: MGM Operetta Series: Bittersweet
6/19/63: Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory; Corridors of Blood
6/26/63: Call Me Bwana; I Could Go on Singing
7/03/63: PT 109 (featurette: Adventures of a Roadrunner)
7/19/63: Captain Sinbad; The Slave
7/24/63: The Great Escape; Beauty and the Beast
7/31/63: Spencer’s Mountain; Black Gold
8/09/63: Irma La Douce; The great Van Robbery
8/28/63: Toys in the Attic;Rider of a Dead Horse
9/04/63: The Caretakers; Something Wild
9/11/63: Showboat; The Great Caruso
9/18/63: The Castilian; Wackiest Ship in the Army
9/25/63: The King and I; Trapeze
9/29/63: Breakfast at Tiffany’s; The Errand Boy
10/02/63: The Greatest Show on Earth; The Bridges at Toko-Ri
10/06/63: Oklahoma!; Sweet Bird of Youth
10/09/63: The Vikings; It Happened at the World’s Fair
10/13/63: Picnic; Ride the High Country
10/15/63: MGM Operetta series: Rose Marie
10/16/63: Magnificent Sinner; The 9th Bullet
10/22/63: MGM Operetta series: The Merry Widow
10/23/63: Johnny Cool; Diamond Head
10/29/63: MGM Operetta series: The Great Waltz
10/30/63: Johnny Cool; Diamond Head
(11/02/63: Added Sneak Preview)
11/05/63: MGM Operetta series: Sweethearts
11/06/63: Palm Springs Weekend; Who’s Got the Action?
11/12/63: MGM Operetta series: The Chocolate Soldier
11/13/63: Palm Springs Weekend; Who’s Got the Action?
11/19/63: MGM Operetta series: The girl of the Golden West
11/20/63: McLintock!; The Notorious Landlady
11/27/63: McLintock!; A Gathering of Eagles
(11/30/63: Added Sneak Preview)
12/04/63: Mary, Mary!; The Counterfeit Traitor
12/11/63: Lilies of the Field; Tammy and the Doctor
12/18/63: Kings of the Sun; 40 Pounds of Trouble
12/27/63: 4 For Texas; The Man From Gavelston

plinfesty on May 31, 2010 at 10:52 pm

1962 bookings:
(1/06/62: Kid’s Show: First Man in Space; cartoons, Little Rascals))
1/11/62: The Happy Thieves; You Have to Run Fast
(1/13/62: Kid’s show: Underwater Warrior; cartoons; Little Rascals)
1/17/62: Town Without Pity; Season of Passion
(1/20/62: Kid’s show: The invisible Boy)
1/24/62: Some Came Running; Home From the Hut
(1/27/62: Kid’s show: Tarzan’s Lost Safari)
1/28/62: The Wackiest Ship in the Army; From Here to Eternity
1/31/62: Splendor in the Grass; The Ring
2/03/62: Kid’s show: tom thumb)
2/07/62: Splendor in the Grass; Rosemary
(2/10/62: Kid’s show: Dog of Flanders)
(2/17/62: Spacemaster X-7)
2/21/62: Sergeants 3; Secret of Deep Harbor
(2/24/62: KBAK-TV Party: Courage of Black Beauty)
(3/03/62: Kid’s show: City Beneath the Sea)
(3/10/62: Kid’s show: Francis the Talking Mule)
(3/10/62: Added Sneak Preview)
3/14/62: The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone; Story of Three Lovers
(3/17/62: Toy Tiger; cartoons; 3 Stooges)
3/21/62: One Two Three; The Apartment
(3/22/62: Kid’s show: ()feature
3/28/62: The Children’s Hour; God’s Little Acre
(3/31/62: Kid’s show: Approved color feature)
4/04/62: A Majority of One; The Singer Not the Song
(4/07/62: Kid’s show: Space Children)
4/11/62: Splendor in the Grass; Fanny
(4/13/62: Friday 13th Spook Show: 2 features)
4/18/62: Follow That Dream; Deadly Duo
4/25/62: Rome Adventure; The Couch
5/02/62: The Magic Sword; Mighty Ursus
5/09/62: Ivanhoe; Knights of the Roundtable
5/16/62: House of Women; Samar
5/23/62: Exodus; Paris Blues
5/29/62: The Day the Earth Caught Fire; Desert Patrol
6/06/62: Jessica; Malaga
6/13/62: Jack the Giant Killer; Mermaids of Tiburon
6/20/62: Trapeze; The Vikings
6/27/62: The Road to Hong Kong; The Nun and the Sergeant
7/11/62: Judgement at Nuremburg
7/20/62: King Solomon’s Mines; The Naked Spur
7/25/62: Geronimo!; Incident in an Alley
8/01/62: The Music Man
8/29/62: Kid Galahad; Dream Wife
9/12/62: Guns of Darkness; Lad: a Dog
9/19/62: Sword of the Conquerer; The Last Wagon
9/26/62: Pressure Point; The Great Diamond Robbery
9/30/62: Pillow Talk; Operation Petticoat
10/03/62: La Dolce Vita; Two Women
10/10/62: The Chapman Report (featurette: Fabulous Mexico; cartoon; news)
10/17/62: The Chapman Report; The Count of Monte Cristo
10/24/62: Carry On Teacher; Doctor in Love
10/31/62: Tower of London; Vampire and the Ballerina; 3rd feature 10/31 only: The Giant Leeches
11/04/62: Parrish; Splendor in the Grass
11/07/62: The Manchurian Candidate; War Hunt
11/21/62: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?; Strong Room
12/12/62: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; Father of the Bride
(12/15/62: Toys for Tots show: Francis in the Haunted Mansion; cartoons; 3 Stooges)
12/18/62: Gay Purr-ee; Excuse My Dust
12/25/62: Taras Bulba; Hero’s Island

plinfesty on May 16, 2010 at 1:15 pm

1/13/61: Sons and Lovers; The Captain’s Table
1/18/61: The Mighty Crusaders; Tiger Bay
(1/21/61: Sat kid’s All-cartoon show)
1/25/61: A Fever in the Blood; Five Guns To Tombstone
2/01/61: The Misfits; Operation Bottleneck
2/22/61: Gold of the Seven Saints; Caltiki
3/01/61: V.D.; The Beast of Budapest
3/08/61: The Hunters; In Love and War
3/15/61: The Private Lives of Adam and Eve; Johnny Dark
3/19/61: The Black Shield of Falworth; All That Heaven Allows
3/29/61: The Alamo (cartoon, news)
4/19/61: The Apartment; Elmer Gantry
5/03/61: The Hoodlum Priest; Frontier Uprising
5/10/61: The Revolt of the SLaves; Gunfight
5/14/61: Rachel Cade; The Love Specialist
5/19/61: Giant; Rio Bravo
5/24/61: The Young Savages; The Clock Strikes Three
5/31/61: Never On Sunday; The Gang Murders
6/07/61: Vera Cruz; Apache
(6/09/61: Midnight show: 3 Horror Features)
6/14/61: Doctor Blood’s Coffin; The Snake Woman
6/18/61: No Time For Sergeants; Auntie Mame
6/23/61: G.I. Blues; Johnny Concho
6/28/61: Parrish; The Steel Claw
7/12/61: The Naked Edge; The Minotaur
7/21/61: Fanny; Drums in the Deep South
8/02/61: Spartacus
8/30/61: Exodus
9/15/61: Psycho; Cinderfella
9/20/61: Goodbye, Again; The Flight That Disappeared
9/27/61: The Fabulous World of Jules Verne; Bimbo the Great
10/04/61: Paris Blues; Matter of Morals
10/11/61: Claudelle Inglish; Portrait of a Mobster
10/18/61: The Young Doctors; The Boy Who Caught a Crook
10/25/10: Blood and Roses; Man-Trap
10/27/10: (4 features all day) Blood and Roses; Man-Trap; Gigantis the Fire Monster; Teenagers From Outer Space
10/29/61: The Alamo; Pork Chop Hill
11/03/61: The Mask; Code of Silence
11/10/61: The Explosive Generation; Teenage Millionaire
11/17/61: On the Waterfront; The Wild One
11/22/61: Susan Slade; World By Night
(11/23/61: Thurs Kids show: Big action feature, cartoons, comics)
12/06/61: X-15; Gun Street
(12/09/61: Kids show: Big Action Feature; cartoons; comics)
(12/09/61: Added: Major Preview “The Miracle Picture of the year”)
12/13/61: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Raintree County
(12/16/61: Sat Kids show: Alan Ladd feature)
12/19/61: Please Don’t Eat the Daisies; North by Northwest
(12/20/10: FREE merchant’s kids matinee: feature, cartoons, comics)
(12/23/61: Sat kids show: Danny Kaye feature)
12/25/61: Pocketful of Miracles; The Clown and the Kid
(12/30/61: Kids mat: John Wayne feature)

plinfesty on May 16, 2010 at 9:15 am

The Nile’s 60’s bookings:
1/01/60: A Summer Polace; Johnny Rocco
1/06/60: Happy Anniversary; Pier 5 Havana
1/13/60: The Boy and the Laughing Dog; King Richard and the Crusaders
1/20/60: Cash McCall; Crooked Circle
1/27/60: The Miracle; Seven Guns to Mesa
(1/30/60: Sat kid’s show: War of the Satellites; cartoons; 3 Stooges; serial: Ghost Rider of the West)
2/03/60: On the Beach; Gunfighters of Abilene
(2/06/60: Sat Kid’s show: 7 Men From Now; cartoons; comedies; serial)
(2/13/60: Sat kid’s show: Sabre Jet; cartoons; comedies; serial)
2/17/60: Solomon and Sheba; Oklahoma Territory
(2/20/60: Sat Kids: Bowery Boys feature; cartoons; comedies; serial)
(2/27/60: Sat kids: Shootout at Medicine Bend; cartoons; comedies; serial)
3/02/60: The Bramble Bush; The Scavengers
(3/05/60: Sat kids: Enemy From Space (1 hr. cartoons – comics)
3/09/60: The Purple Gang; The Atomic Submarine
3/15/60: Some Like It Hot; A Hole in the Head
3/23/60: The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond
3/27/60: Bend of the River; The World in his Arms
3/30/60: Guns of Timberland; As Long As You’re Near Me
(4/02/60: Sneak Preview)
4/06/60: The Nun’s STory; Anatomy of a Murder
4/14/60: Tall Story; Israel
(4/16/60: Sneak Preview)
4/22/60: Carry On Nurse; Carnival Story
4/29/60: David and Bathseheba; Love is a Many Splendord Thing (cartoon, news)
5/06/60: Female and the Flesh; Mutiny
5/11/60: Alexander the Great; The King and Four Queens
(5/14/60: Sneak Preview)
5/18/60: Mississippi Gambler; Up Front
5/21/60: Pillow Talk; The Perfect Furlough
5/25/60: The Unforgiven; The Music Box Kid
(5/28/60: Sat kids: Whata Panic!; Abott & Costello & the Bowery Boys)
6/01/60: Sayonara; Battle Cry
(6/04/60: Sat kids: Francis in the Haunted House; Drums Across the River)
6/08/60: The Gallant Hours; Take a Giant Step (cartyoon, news)
(6/10/60: Friday kids: Double Feature)
6/15/60: Sergeant Rutledge; The Threat
6/22/60: Hannibal; This Rebel Breed
6/30/60: The Fugitive Kind; The Pusher
7/06/60: Hercules Unchained; The Rebel Set
7/16/60: Macumba Love; 3 Came To Kill!
7/20/60: Around the World in 80 Days; The Boy and the Pirates (cartoon, news)
7/27/60: Ice Palace; Noose For a Gunman
8/03/60: Pay or Die; Bluebeard’s Honeymoon
8/10/60: The Apartment; Cage of Evil
8/17/60: Oceans 11; Blonde Blackmailer
8/31/60: Hell To Eternity; New Orleans After Dark
9/14/60: Elmer Gantry (featurette: Snow Carnival, cartoon, news)
9/18/60: The Crowded Sky; Cover Girl Killer
9/23/60: The Night Fighters; The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (cartoon, news)
10/02/60: Sitting Bull; TGhe Indian Fighter
10/05/60: Nature’s Paradise; The Wicked Go to Hell
10/12/60: The Dark at the Top of the Stairs; 2nd feature
10/19/60: Sex Kittens Go to College; The Conquerer
10/26/60: Studs Lonigan; Bundle of Joy
(10/29/60: Midnight show: 3 monster features)
10/30/60: The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima!
11/03/60: Inherit the Wind; Ski Troop Attack
(11/05/60: 20-30 Club Sat Mats: cartoons plus feature)
(11/12/60: 20-30 Club Sat mat: Bullwhip; cartoons)
11/16/60: Sunrise at Campobello (travelogue – Black Forest, cartoon, news)
(11/19/60: 20-30 Club sat mat – n/a)
11/19/60: Sunrise at Campobello; The Pagans
11/23/60: The Magnificent Seven; Walking Target
(11/25/60: Friday Sneak Preview – possibly Facts of Life)
(11/26/60: Sat kids matinee)
11/30/60: Girl of the Night; The Prime Time
12/09/60: Herod the Great; Heroes Die Young
12/14/60: Hondo; Mr. Roberts
12/18/60: The Incredible Petrified World; Teenage Zombies
12/23/60: The Facts of Life; Menace in the Night
12/31/60: The Sundowners; The Police Dog Story
(12/31/60: Sneak Preview)

plinfesty on February 8, 2010 at 9:44 am

BTW, the above 1968 date given for the LAPL photo is actually from 1969, as the marquee attraction THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN played its first-run engagement from February 26-March 19, 1969.

plinfesty on February 8, 2010 at 9:40 am

Two of the four celing lamps described above were sold to the Bakersfield Community Theatre when the theatre was twinned in 1976 and to this day hang in the live theatre’s ceiling (they actually bought all four but trashed two of them).

Here is a picture of them originally inside the Nile Theatre when it opened in 1938:

View link