CineMAX Dunajska Streda

Galantska cesta 5692/20,
Dunajska Streda SK-929 01

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agika on February 7, 2015 at 4:44 am

Hi! I find the writing about Cinemax DS extremely good. Some comments though. The Hungarian “minority” talking of Dunajska Streda is actually a majority. About 75% of the population is Hungarian, so a cinema with Slovak dubbing/subtitles has a very tough job here. Slovak is not spoken at bilingual level but as foreign language(because in fact it is), ergo it’s more than natural that especially children/minor audiences will not be enthusiastic about films in Slovak version/subtitles. Today, it is February 7th 2015. There are 8 films to choose from, and only 2 with Hungarian dubbing. All the others are projected either in Czech original (Babovresky) or with Slovak subtitles/dubbing. In this special ethnic context I do not find it very clever as business strategy. (Try to take your children to watch the Spongebob movie in Dutch/French/Swahili etc. The experience you get will be the same.) The other problem, as very well underlined by the author is the closeness of Győr, which is the most important city in northwest Hungary with a very strong concurrent cinema, Cinema City Győr which offers for today 20 different films in Hungarian(six of them in 3D version as well). Let me point out an other issue: usually the freshly released films are projected in Győr a few weeks earlier than in Dunajska Streda(OR: some films do not get to Dunajska Streda at all). Anyway, something should be changed here to attract new audiences.