Movie Theaters Operated by Landmark Cinemas of Canada

Showing 1 - 30 of 36 open movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Aurora Cinema Centre Aurora Cinema Centre Fort St. John, Canada Open 5
Avalon Cinema Centre Avalon Cinema Centre Nanaimo, Canada Open 8
Cardium 3 Theatre Cardium 3 Theatre Drayton Valley, Canada Open 3
Columbia Theatre Columbia Theatre Cranbrook, Canada Open 5
Grand 10 Cinemas Grand 10 Cinemas Kelowna, Canada Open 10
Landmark 10 New Westminster Landmark 10 New Westminster New Westminster, Canada Open 10
Landmark 12 Guildford Landmark 12 Guildford Surrey, Canada Open 12
Landmark 7 Penticton Landmark 7 Penticton Penticton, Canada Open 7
Landmark 8 London Landmark 8 London London, Canada Open 8
Landmark 8 West Kelowna Landmark 8 West Kelowna West Kelowna, Canada Open 8
Landmark Cinemas 24 Landmark Cinemas 24 Whitby, Canada Open 24
Landmark Cinemas 24 Kanata Landmark Cinemas 24 Kanata Kanata, Canada Open 24
Landmark Cinemas 5 Landmark Cinemas 5 Campbell River, Canada Open 5
Landmark Cinemas 5 Market Mall Landmark Cinemas 5 Market Mall Calgary, Canada Open 5
Landmark Cinemas 7 Bolton Landmark Cinemas 7 Bolton Caledon, Canada Open 7
Landmark Cinemas Brandon Landmark Cinemas Brandon Brandon, Canada Open 9
Landmark Cinemas Country Hills Landmark Cinemas Country Hills Calgary, Canada Open 16
Landmark Cinemas Eagle Ridge Landmark Cinemas Eagle Ridge Fort McMurray, Canada Open 8
Landmark Cinemas Encore Landmark Cinemas Encore West Kelowna, Canada Open 5
Landmark Cinemas Orleans Landmark Cinemas Orleans Orleans, Canada Open 10
Landmark Cinemas Paramount Landmark Cinemas Paramount Port Alberni, Canada Open 1
Landmark Cinemas Regina Landmark Cinemas Regina Regina, Canada Open 8
Landmark Cinemas St. Albert 8 Landmark Cinemas St. Albert 8 St. Albert, Canada Open 8
Landmark Grant Park Landmark Grant Park Winnipeg, Canada Open 8
Landmark Jackson Square Landmark Jackson Square Hamilton, Canada Open 6
Landmark Pen Centre Landmark Pen Centre St. Catharines, Canada Open 10
Landmark Saskatoon Landmark Saskatoon Saskatoon, Canada Open 7
Landmark Tamarack Cinemas 8 Landmark Tamarack Cinemas 8 Edmonton, Canada Open 8
Landmark Theatres Kingston Landmark Theatres Kingston Kingston, Canada Open 10
Landmark Theatres Shawnessy Landmark Theatres Shawnessy Calgary, Canada Open 10

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