Photos favorited by larrygoldsmith

  • <p>1971</p>
              <p>Picture is courtesy of Mathew McNatt and FB Speaker Post Page.</p>
  • <p>Boxoffice, 4/21/69.</p>
  • <p>Some modifications to the marquee.
              Removal of vertical pylons and neon.
              Circa 1975 photo credit Mark Chambers, courtesy Eric Reimann.</p>
  • <p>Auditorium, June 2005</p>
  • <p>Side wall of remodeled auditorium (1950)</p>
  • <p>Remodeled auditorium towards stage (1950)</p>
  • <p>June 29th, 1966 ad from the Chronicle</p>
  • <p>That’s the lobby of the Sequoia which in 1943 promotes Victory gardens and even has a contest for best garden in the lobby.</p>
  • <p>1973 photo courtesy of Michael Thomas Angelo‎.</p>
  • <p>Photograph courtesy elmorovivo</p>
  • <p>September 2013</p>
  • <p>September 2013</p>
  • <p>Early 1990s view of the Fox entrance.  It is clear from this photo that the terrazzo once continued beyond the property line.  The Skouras era box office was still in place as late as Summer, 1985, and is today marked by the grey terrazzo outline in the center of the pavement.</p>
  • <p>A 1947 shot of the Sequoia Theatre snack bar.</p>
  • <p>1944 photo as the Nevada Theater courtesy of Stephen Gennerich‎.</p>
  • <p>June 29th 1966 grand opening ad as Centre</p>
  • <p>December 22nd, 1967 grand opening ad as Cinema</p>
  • <p>April 2nd, 1943 grand opening ad</p>
  • <p>March 21st, 1947 grand opening ad</p>