Photos favorited by Max the Movie Guy

  • <p>Interesting adaptation of the Odeon sign, in support of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2016 Oscar nomination for “The Revenant”. Courtesy of Audie Philip.</p>
  • <p>January 2000, after the Virgin had been taken over by UGC, but before the new name had been added!</p>
  • <p>A very special occasion in June 2015: The nationwide release, in Showcase cinemas, of two Laurel & Hardy films (“County Hospital” and “Sons of the Desert”) that drew so many patrons for this one-night show that the show was repeated in a second screen. It was lovely to see ‘The Boys’ standing guard at the entrance to the screens!</p>
  • <p>June 2004.</p>
  • <p>August 1999.</p>