Photos favorited by Philip Picturedrome

  • <p>Illustration of the Dominion Acton as used on the cover of the programme guide for February 1940.</p>
  • <p>was displayed in lobby in 2017</p>
  • <p>Photograph taken in 1937 of the newly built Dominion cinema. Below the front canopy are four pairs of entrance doors with stylised Art Deco chrome door handles, set back into recessed apertures are the current film display boards. Above either side of the Dominion lettering are four bands of neon lighting, descending into two either side of the curved façade windows. The left side wall has a large poster display area for the current films, a feat for the poster men changing this each week pasting from a tall heavy wooden ladder!!!</p>
              <p>Ron Knee</p>
  • <p>The Piccadilly by night.</p>
  • <p>The Dominion opened on 9 January 1936; and was acquired by ABC on 24 February 1936.</p>
              <p>This aerial photo is dated 12 June 1937 and captures the huge bulk of the 2014-seater cinema and its high, lopsided stage-flytower.  The architect, F E Bromige, certainly threw everything at the extensive façade.</p>