Photos favorited by terry

  • <p>A very kind person has today sent me this wonderful shot of the ABC  Globe in the 1950’s.</p>
  • <p>Glorious colour photo of the famous 1975 ‘Cavalcade’ with the Derelict Essoldo in the background (courtesy Trevor Ermel).</p>
  • <p>The tabs and tab warmers have been reinstated and the walls of the upper foyer painted for the ABC Bournemouth’s last (probably) special screening! The film is Flash Gordon.</p>
  • <p>George Cole’s Masterpiece, the Odeon Muswell Hill now Everyman Cinema</p>
  • <p><a href="">After the Final Curtain</a></p>
  • <p>The 600 seats of screen 1 seen here occupied a space large enough for over 900 conventional cinema seats of the time.  These, in fact, are from the stalls of the ABC Blackpool which were surplus to requirements following the sad tripling of that venue resulting in the cessation of live shows.</p>
              <p>The original Essoldo seats were much more comfortable and were complete with  headrests. ABC sent them back to Essoldo Furnishings in Glasgow as they were becoming ever more cost conscious and the original seats had to be maintained by Essoldo and not ABC’s in house seating, carpeting and upholstery team…………</p>