Movie Theaters Operating as a Independent Movies

Showing 1,231 - 1,260 of 1,290 open movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
UGC-Toison d'Or UGC-Toison d'Or Brussels, Belgium Open 14
Ufa-Palast Ufa-Palast Dusseldorf, Germany Open 12
Ultimate Picture Palace Ultimate Picture Palace Oxford, United Kingdom Open 1
United Cinemas Opera Quays United Cinemas Opera Quays Sydney, Australia Open 3
United Palace of Cultural Arts United Palace of Cultural Arts New York, NY, United States Open 1
University Town Center 6 University Town Center 6 Irvine, CA, United States Open 6
Upstate Films Starr Cinema Upstate Films Starr Cinema Rhinebeck, NY, United States Open 2
Urania Kino Urania Kino Vienna, Austria Open 1
Urania National Filmhouse Urania National Filmhouse Budapest, Hungary Open 3
Vamdas Cinema Vamdas Cinema Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Open 5
Varietes Varietes Marseille, France Open 7
Varsity Theatre Varsity Theatre Ashland, OR, United States Open 5
Varsity Theatre Varsity Theatre Davis, CA, United States Open 1
Vendome Cinema Vendome Cinema Brussels, Belgium Open 5
Verona Cinema Verona Cinema Sydney, Australia Open 4
Vester Vov Vov Vester Vov Vov Copenhagen, Denmark Open 2
Vic Theatre Vic Theatre Victoria, Canada Open 1
Vickers Theatre Vickers Theatre Three Oaks, MI, United States Open 1
Victoria Cinema Victoria Cinema Hamilton, New Zealand Open 1
Victoria Hall Theatre Victoria Hall Theatre Settle, United Kingdom Open 1
Victoria Teatern Victoria Teatern Malmo, Sweden Open 1
Village 8 Theatres Village 8 Theatres Louisville, KY, United States Open 8
Village East by Angelika Village East by Angelika New York, NY, United States Open 7
Village Jam Factory Village Jam Factory Melbourne, Australia Open 15
Vine Cinema & Alehouse Vine Cinema & Alehouse Livermore, CA, United States Open 2
Violet Crown Charlottesville Violet Crown Charlottesville Charlottesville, VA, United States Open 6
Violet Crown Cinema Violet Crown Cinema Santa Fe, NM, United States Open 11
Violet Crown Cinema Violet Crown Cinema Austin, TX, United States Open 4
Vogue Theatre Vogue Theatre San Francisco, CA, United States Open 1
Vue Shepherd's Bush Vue Shepherd's Bush London, United Kingdom Open 12