Drive-In Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Idan-ha Drive-In Idan-ha Drive-In Soda Springs, ID, United States Open 1
Independent Autokino im Oberhafen Drive-In Independent Autokino im Oberhafe... Hamburg, Germany Open 1
Iuka Drive-In Iuka Drive-In Iuka, MS, United States Open 1
JCR Drive-In Cinema JCR Drive-In Cinema Jamnagar, India Open 1
Jericho Drive-In Jericho Drive-In Jericho, Australia Open 1
Jericho Drive-In Jericho Drive-In Glenmont, NY, United States Open 1
Jesup Drive-In Jesup Drive-In Jesup, GA, United States Open 2
Jio Drive-In Jio Drive-In Mumbai, India Open 1
Joy-Lan Drive-In Joy-Lan Drive-In Dade City, FL, United States Open 1
Judy Drive-In Judy Drive-In Mount Sterling, KY, United States Open 1
Kane Family Drive-In Kane Family Drive-In Kane, PA, United States Open 1
Kanopolis Drive-In Kanopolis Drive-In Kanopolis, KS, United States Open 1
Kenda Drive-In Kenda Drive-In Marshall, AR, United States Open 1
King Drive-In King Drive-In Russellville, AL, United States Open 1
Kingston Drive-In Kingston Drive-In Kingston, Canada Open 3
Koorda Drive-In Koorda Drive-In Koorda, Australia Open 1
La Grande Drive-In La Grande Drive-In La Grande, OR, United States Open 1
Lake Shore Drive-In Lake Shore Drive-In Monticello, IN, United States Open 2
Lake Worth Drive-In Lake Worth Drive-In Lake Worth, FL, United States Open 2
Lakeport Auto Movies Lakeport Auto Movies Lakeport, CA, United States Open 1
Last Drive-In Picture Show Last Drive-In Picture Show Gatesville, TX, United States Open 1
Leinster Drive-In and Open Air Theatre Leinster Drive-In and Open Air T... Leinster, Australia Open 1
Lindsay Twin Drive-In Lindsay Twin Drive-In Lindsay, Canada Open 2
LoCo Drive-In LoCo Drive-In Loudon, TN, United States Open 1
Long Drive-In Long Drive-In Long Prairie, MN, United States Open 1
Loomis's Delevan Drive-In Loomis's Delevan Drive-In Delevan, NY, United States Open 2
Lunar Drive-In Lunar Drive-In Melbourne, Australia Open 4
Lynn Drive-In Movies Lynn Drive-In Movies Strasburg, OH, United States Open 2
M-F Drive-In M-F Drive-In Milton-Freewater, OR, United States Open 1
M.E.L.S. at the Starlite Drive-In M.E.L.S. at the Starlite Drive-In Thorntown, IN, United States Open 1