Movie Theaters Around the World

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Name Location ↑ Status Screens
Logan Theater Logan Theater Logan, OH, United States Closed 1
Pittsford Plaza Cinema 9 Pittsford Plaza Cinema 9 Rochester, NY, United States Closed 9
Theatre Royal Theatre Royal Margate, United Kingdom Closed 1
Movies 6 Movies 6 Shawnee, OK, United States Closed 6
Zinema Zinema Brussels, Belgium Closed 1
Columbia Theatre Columbia Theatre Harlem, GA, United States Closed 1
Golden Rule Theatre Golden Rule Theatre New York, NY, United States Closed 1
Texas Theater Texas Theater Kingsville, TX, United States Closed 1
Capitol Cinemas Capitol Cinemas Princeton, KY, United States Closed 3
Dreamland Cinema Dreamland Cinema Margate, United Kingdom Closed 2
Capitol Cinema Capitol Cinema Nottingham, United Kingdom Closed 1
Victoria Theatre Victoria Theatre Newcastle, Australia Closed 1
Hanover Theatre Hanover Theatre Hanover, PA, United States Closed 1
Luciann Theatre Luciann Theatre Memphis, TN, United States Closed 1
Liberty Theater Liberty Theater Liberty, NY, United States Closed 1
State Theatre State Theatre Benton Harbor, MI, United States Closed 1
Teatro Ideal Teatro Ideal Yauco, Puerto Rico Closed 1
Paignton Picture House Paignton Picture House Paignton, United Kingdom Closed 1
Ritz Cinema Ritz Cinema Penzance, United Kingdom Closed 1
Cinemark Brassfield Cinemas 10 Cinemark Brassfield Cinemas 10 Greensboro, NC, United States Closed 10
Odeon Luxe Acton Odeon Luxe Acton London, United Kingdom Closed 9
Palace Cinema Palace Cinema Prescot, United Kingdom Closed 1
Stafford Cinema Stafford Cinema Stafford, United Kingdom Closed 3
Holiday Theatre Holiday Theatre Denver, CO, United States Closed 1
Strand Theatre Strand Theatre Valdosta, GA, United States Closed 1
Criterion Cinema Criterion Cinema Gosport, United Kingdom Closed 1
Bruce Theatre Bruce Theatre Bruce, WI, United States Closed 1
Cinema Cinema London, United Kingdom Closed 1
Palacio del Cinema Palacio del Cinema Barcelona, Spain Closed 1
Campus Theatre Campus Theatre Los Angeles, CA, United States Closed 2