Movie Theaters Operating as a First Run Movies

Showing 7,441 - 7,470 of 7,621 open movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Walkino Walkino Bree, Belgium Open 2
Wallis Mitcham Cinemas Wallis Mitcham Cinemas Adelaide, Australia Open 7
Wallis Mt. Barker Cinemas Wallis Mt. Barker Cinemas Mount Barker, Australia Open 7
Walnut Theatre Walnut Theatre Brazil, IN, United States Open 1
Walt Theatre Walt Theatre New Haven, MO, United States Open 1
Walton Theatre Walton Theatre Walton, NY, United States Open 1
Wanda International Cinema Wujaiochang Wanda International Cinema Wujai... Shanghai, China Open 11
Wanee Theatre Wanee Theatre Kewanee, IL, United States Open 2
Wapa Theatre Wapa Theatre Wapakoneta, OH, United States Open 1
Ward with TITAN LUXE Ward with TITAN LUXE Honolulu, HI, United States Open 16
Warehouse Cinemas Frederick Towne Mall 10 Warehouse Cinemas Frederick Town... Frederick, MD, United States Open 10
Warner's Drive-In Warner's Drive-In Franklin, WV, United States Open 1
Warren Mall Cinemas I-II-III Warren Mall Cinemas I-II-III Warren, PA, United States Open 3
Warren Old Town Theatre Grille Warren Old Town Theatre Grille Wichita, KS, United States Open 7
Warrenton 8 Cinema Warrenton 8 Cinema Warrenton, MO, United States Open 8
Warwick Drive-In Warwick Drive-In Warwick, NY, United States Open 3
Washington Square 7 Washington Square 7 Detroit Lakes, MN, United States Open 7
Washita Theatre Washita Theatre Cordell, OK, United States Open 1
Washoe Theater Washoe Theater Anaconda, MT, United States Open 1
Water Gardens Pleasant Grove 6 Water Gardens Pleasant Grove 6 Pleasant Grove, UT, United States Open 6
Water Tower Cinema Water Tower Cinema Montgomeryville, PA, United States Open 10
Waterford Cinema 16 Waterford Cinema 16 Waterford, MI, United States Open 16
Waterfront Cinema Waterfront Cinema Greenock, United Kingdom Open 4
Waterloo Cinema 8 Waterloo Cinema 8 Waterloo, IL, United States Open 8
Watermans Arts Centre Watermans Arts Centre Brentford, United Kingdom Open 1
Watersmeet Centre Watersmeet Centre Rickmansworth, United Kingdom Open 1
Waterworks Cinemas Waterworks Cinemas Pittsburgh, PA, United States Open 10
Watts Theatre Watts Theatre Osage, IA, United States Open 1
Waverley Cinema Waverley Cinema Melbourne, Australia Open 4
Wayne Movietown Wayne Movietown Wayne, NJ, United States Open 4