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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Holiday Theatre Holiday Theatre Denver, CO, United States Closed Oct 8, 2021
Millwald Theater Millwald Theater Wytheville, VA, United States Closed Oct 7, 2021
Empire Cinema Empire Cinema Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom Closed Sep 25, 2021
Gaumont Opéra - Cote Capucines Gaumont Opéra - Cote Capucines Paris, France Closed Sep 21, 2021
Omni Theater Omni Theater Fort Worth, TX, United States Closed Sep 20, 2021
Genoa Theatre Genoa Theatre Genoa City, WI, United States Closed Sep 20, 2021
Carolina Theatre Carolina Theatre Florence, SC, United States Closed Sep 16, 2021
Renaissance Theatre Renaissance Theatre Mansfield, OH, United States Open Sep 9, 2021
Star Theatre Star Theatre Willow Springs, MO, United States Open Sep 5, 2021
Lyric Theater Lyric Theater Carrizozo, NM, United States Closed Sep 3, 2021
Cinebarre West Town Stadium 9 Cinebarre West Town Stadium 9 Knoxville, TN, United States Open Aug 29, 2021
AMC Esplanade 14 AMC Esplanade 14 Phoenix, AZ, United States Open Aug 23, 2021
Alhambra Theatre Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline, United Kingdom Open Aug 23, 2021
Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center Huntington, WV, United States Open Aug 19, 2021
Ojai Playhouse Ojai Playhouse Ojai, CA, United States Closed Aug 15, 2021
Majestic Cinema Majestic Cinema Memphis, TN, United States Closed Aug 15, 2021
Fun Movie Grill MacArthur Marketplace Fun Movie Grill MacArthur Market... Irving, TX, United States Closed Aug 13, 2021
Sonora Village Luxury Cinemas Sonora Village Luxury Cinemas Scottsdale, AZ, United States Closed Jul 27, 2021
Enfield Performing Arts Center Enfield Performing Arts Center Enfield, NC, United States Open Jul 22, 2021
Pix Theatre Pix Theatre Nampa, ID, United States Closed Jul 21, 2021
Rodgers Theater Rodgers Theater Corning, CA, United States Closed Jul 15, 2021
Tooga Theatre Tooga Theatre Summerville, GA, United States Closed Jul 12, 2021
Calderone Theater Calderone Theater Hempstead, NY, United States Closed Jul 11, 2021
Columbia Theatre Columbia Theatre Harlem, GA, United States Closed Jul 9, 2021
William Carlos Williams Center for the Performing Arts William Carlos Williams Center f... Rutherford, NJ, United States Closed Jun 28, 2021
State Theatre State Theatre Los Angeles, CA, United States Closed Jun 28, 2021
Theatr Elli Theatr Elli Llanelli, United Kingdom Closed Jun 20, 2021
Hippodrome Theatre Hippodrome Theatre Brighton, United Kingdom Closed Jun 18, 2021
Trail Theatre Trail Theatre St. Joseph, MO, United States Closed Jun 18, 2021
Barpy Teatr Barpy Teatr Jalal Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan Open Jun 8, 2021