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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Fairmount Theatre Fairmount Theatre Boston, MA, United States Closed Aug 12, 2014
Teatro Avellaneda Teatro Avellaneda Camaguey, Cuba Closed Jul 27, 2014
Sterling Opera House Sterling Opera House Derby, CT, United States Closed Jun 23, 2014
Memorial Hall Memorial Hall Newbridge, United Kingdom Closed May 26, 2014
Eureka Theater Eureka Theater Eureka, CA, United States Open May 23, 2014
Muskogee Twin Cinema Muskogee Twin Cinema Muskogee, OK, United States Closed May 22, 2014
University of Wisconsin-Parkside Communication Arts Theatre University of Wisconsin-Parkside... Somers, WI, United States Open Apr 13, 2014
Cine Roble Cine Roble Tijuana, Mexico Closed Apr 11, 2014
Fox Theatre Fox Theatre Centralia, WA, United States Open Jan 25, 2014
Kwai Fong Theatre Kwai Fong Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed Dec 31, 2013
Lung Wah Theatre Lung Wah Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed Dec 29, 2013
Paschoal Hall Paschoal Hall Kalaupapa, HI, United States Closed Nov 9, 2013
Hung Kai Theatre Hung Kai Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed Nov 2, 2013
Chicago Theatre Chicago Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed Oct 26, 2013
Hunghom Theatre Hunghom Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed Oct 25, 2013
Abergorky Community Hall Abergorky Community Hall Treorchy, United Kingdom Closed Oct 6, 2013
Cascade Picture Palace Cascade Picture Palace New Castle, PA, United States Closed Sep 24, 2013
Camelia Cinema IV Camelia Cinema IV McComb, MS, United States Closed Sep 10, 2013
Alan Theatre Alan Theatre Gerlach-Empire, NV, United States Closed Aug 14, 2013
Varsity Center for the Arts Varsity Center for the Arts Carbondale, IL, United States Open Jun 12, 2013
Teatro Ideal Teatro Ideal Yauco, Puerto Rico Closed Mar 31, 2013
Outten Theatre Outten Theatre Snow Hill, MD, United States Closed Mar 14, 2013
Cine Gran Pampa Cine Gran Pampa General Pico, Argentina Open Feb 25, 2013
Palacio del Cinema Palacio del Cinema Barcelona, Spain Closed Jan 29, 2013
Empire Theatre Empire Theatre Bridgetown, Barbados Closed Jan 10, 2013
Dixie Center for the Arts Dixie Center for the Arts Ruston, LA, United States Open Dec 27, 2012
Cine Marconi Cine Marconi Santa Rosa, Argentina Closed Dec 19, 2012
Gilchrist Theater Gilchrist Theater Gilchrist, OR, United States Closed Sep 7, 2012
New La Porte Cinemas New La Porte Cinemas La Porte, IN, United States Closed Aug 30, 2012
Bordertown Institute Bordertown Institute Bordertown, Australia Closed Jul 16, 2012